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All Black Outfit Ideas – How to Stand Out Wearing this Perennial Trend

all black outfit ideas

If you think wearing all black is boring, permit me to change your mind. This monochromatic hue can take on many forms: seductive, aloof, powerful, elegant, sinister… As the weather continues to plummet, more people are venturing into the dark side of their closets. Oh yes, there’s comfort to be found in black. Continue Reading to get different all black outfit ideas… Continue reading…

Personal Style

Green – 3 Ways to Rock This Head-Turning Hue!


In case you didn’t get the fashion memo, green is one of the hottest shades to rock this autumn/winter season. I couldn’t be happier because green has recently become one of my favourite colours to wear. It compliments my dark skin tone to perfection. With all the different shades of green, you are bound to find one that matches your skin tone.  In this article, I show you 3 different ways to own this trend. Continue Reading…

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Hair and Beauty

Beauty Boost – Burgundy Red Lipstick is an Attitude

Burgundy red lipstick

Burgundy red lipstick is a great alternative to classic red lipstick when you want to look more dramatic and mysterious. However, for well over a decade, I’ve adamantly refused to wear the fiery hue because I couldn’t find a shade that matched my skin tone. Turns out that all I needed was a darker and more mysterious shade of red and thanks to MAC, I’ve become addicted to their burgundy red- Sultana, Patent Polish Lip Pencil (23 Euros)– baby, I’m all grown up. Continue Reading…

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