Personal Style

The Style of ‘Men Who Lunch’

High Street clothing for men has come a long way.  I remember shopping in the women’s departments of stores like Topshop, H & M and Zara, and upon entering their men’s department, wondering why their design team had pulled the short straw.  Case in point, in Topshop I would see vintage-inspired pieces from independent designers like Oh My Love, then there is their boutique section which stocks experimental brands like Kokon To Zai.  But in Topman, I would always feel like I had wandered into the changing room of a very try-hard, really bad boy band.

So during lunch the other day, after admiring the ensembles of my male friends and asking them where they got their outfits from, I was very surprised to hear the list of High Street stores that came tumbling out of their mouths.

Tio’s (aka Mr Cheekbones) jeans and trenchcoat are from Zara, his cardigan is from COS, the statement frames hail from Mykita and his bag is Gucci darlings.

I adore Tio’s pimp,’ Hugh Hefner-esque’ navy blue velvet slippers which he purchased from H&M.  Accessories like this give his ensemble a chic, effortless vibe.

When dressing up men (unless they dress in drag) don’t have a lot to play with, so to me one of the secrets of how to look stylish for a man, is  knowing how to play the balancing act with your body proportions.  Tio does this by wearing slim fit jeans while he leaves his loose-fitting trench coat open, and with his body proportions, this style works for him.  Below Guan plays with his proportions by wearing a functional loose-fitted jacket over his slim-fitted slate-grey jeans.  The tucking of his jeans into his rounded-toe leather boots toughens up his look. 

Guan’s boots and jacket are from Zara, his cashmere jumper and t-shirt are from H & M.  My favourite piece from Guan’s ensemble are his slate-gray wax jeans, or as I like to call them ‘S&M jeans’.  I call them that because when the wax catches the light, the jeans adopt a sheen that creates a sexy,  leather-like appearance.