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What did you wear for New Year’s Eve?

Happy New Year Readers! Last night I’m sure a lot of you were plagued with the common fashion problem of- ‘So much clothes and yet nothing to wear’.  If it’s of any consolation, I wasn’t!  2011 was the year where I edited and recycled my wardrobe, Big Time.  The result of which was I discovered so many fab pieces that had not seen the light of day for many years.  This was how I knew that for New Year’s, no matter what I ended up doing I would be wearing the black silk evening gown I bought when I was 18 for my secondary school, Leavers Ball.

To be honest, I am so surprised I bought this piece at 18, as at that age I bought so many ghastly pieces.  So I’m very proud to have had the foresight to have bought this luxurious investment.  I’ve only worn this dress about 3 times in my life but everytime I do, I get the same decadent rush.

I call this look- Black D-R-A-M-A.

Black silk gown- Johanna Hehir

Black lace cobweb cloak – Galeria, Alexander Platz, Berlin

Sequins Headband- Accessorize

Jewellery- Vintage