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‘You Look Like Janelle Monae…’

These were the (overly!) generous words that were uttered to me recently by a guy at a party.  Ladies, we all know the lengths a guy will go on a night out to erm, become ‘better acquainted’ with the opposite sex; but it was nice to be compared to the American singer and I gathered he was referring to the similar silhouette of our coiffuresJanelle’s signature hairstyle is to wear it in a retro pompadour fashion-

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When I did my below hairstyle, I didn’t have Janelle in mind, I just wanted to do a style where my hair would be upswept at the sides and back, whilst my hair at the front would pack maximum volume, with the help of extensions of course

As I did this hairstyle I did feel rather guilty as I was supposed to be having my hair free, Afro-natural and out, so to assuage my guilt I decided to do cornrows at the back and use extensions at the front-

Janelle’s hair silhouette is a lot slicker and polished than mine-

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And although I do love these hair shots of Janelle, I have always tended to model my hairstyles on Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker)- when she wore her hair botticelli-esque as opposed to straightened- I loved the artful, organized messiness of it all.  So I prefer my hair silhoutte to look more bohemian and free.

Admittedly when I first got this hairstyle, I was a bit apprehensive of having all my hair away from my face, leaving my visage so ‘open’ and in sharp relief.  But I soon got into the swing of things and realised that the statement style gave me the confidence to experiment more with my makeup.  I also learnt to perfect my camera-pose as I realised that this hairstyle looks great when the head is tilted at an angle to the side.   Looks like Janelle is cottoned on to these facts as well.

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