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How Berliners Do 60s Cool

Last weekend I was chilling with my friends in Club der Visionaere soaking up the rays when this vision in fire engine-red walked past me.  Now it was a Sunday, which should have been a day of rest so as hard as I tried to ‘let this one go’ and focus on the conversation I was having, I just couldn’t; the pull of her unique style was so strong that I found myself chasing after her to take pictures.  Luckily she obliged-

There are so many ways one can modernise a 60s inspired shift dress like the one she is wearing.

I love the way she chose to do it by taking the more laid back approach, which is evident from her loose chignon and easy to wear lace up brogues. The latter also give an edge to her dress as the boyish ‘geek-chic’ beauties ensure her ensemble is not entirely ‘prim and lady-like proper’-

With this ensemble it was all in the detailing, so here we see the modest front of this dress contrasts with the sexy peekaboo back

And how cool are these Jackie O sunglasses These retro accessories put the 60s stamp on her outfit fabulously

When it comes to style, I am all about Attention To Detail, the little things that some might miss if one only takes a fleeting glance, so I especially liked the little quirks this ensemble came with like her lashings of rings (I love the skull one!) and mismatched earrings

I gave Ms 60s Cool my business card in the end so if she happens to be reading this post- thank you so much for letting me interrupt your Sunday and take all these pictures- seeing you made my day!  Also I will be putting up the post with your friend next week Tuesday.