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I Love RB Jewels, Ich Liebe Turquoise and Gold…

On Wednesday, I had lunch with the lovely Natia Bakhtadze, founder and designer of RB Jewels.

One of the things I love about coming back to Berlin is catching up with my friends in the creative industry.  It’s a nice contrast to the average Nigerian chat, which can be very inspiring, but more often than not- quite predictable.  But that is to be expected, Berlin is more economically set up to chase creative dreams…

Now back to Natia, during our lunch she presented me with the handmade turquoise and gold earrings to match the brush gold link-chain and turquoise necklace I had bought from her previous collection. She gave me the earrings as a gift for doing Public Relations work for her brand.

???????????????????????????????I must say, I did feel rather grown up wearing a pair of earrings and necklace that actually looked like they came as a pair, normally, that is not my style.  I mix it up baby.

???????????????????????????????What I love about turquoise and gold jewellery is that the cool, striking hues pretty much mesh with any colour of outfit you happen to throw on, and by that I mean turquoise and gold either brings out the hue or clashes nicely with it.  Why is that by the way?

There’s also something about the necklace that makes me want to wear it with a maxi floaty dress with a gaping neckline that plunges all the way down to the flaming pits of hell.  And whilst I swish and swash with my voluminous gown and the 3 turquoise pendants swing seductively from side to side, I want LL Cool J’s, ‘Jingling Baby’ to be on repeat…

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I will treasure this jewellery set because years from now, when I look at it or wear it, it will remind me of a particular place and time.  Turquoise is also my ‘happy colour’, it lifts my spirits and makes me think its summer time and I’m walking on the scorching white sands of a deserted beach, whilst lyrical turquoise waves curl deliciously around my toes and salty, balmy winds caress my face…which is just as well as I’m currently in Berlin stuck in the icy bitch of winter!

But that is turquoise and gold for you, it makes you dream of sun, glamour, tranquility…

Natia Bakhtadze  from RB Jewels

Natia Bakhtadze from RB Jewels

P.S the hand-woven black and fuchsia pink Jacquard skirt I’m wearing is one of my favourite purchases from my last trip to Nigeria.  It’s from a Lagos-based brand called Grey I’m doing Public Relations for the brand now, as Grey is showing during Feb, London Fashion Week A/W 15.  This is a major coup, but more on that later!

055About RB Jewels

Natia Bakhtadze is the founder and designer of the label, RB Jewels. She originally studied fashion design before setting her sights on making her ‘collectible’ jewel designs. RB Jewels was launched officially in July 2014, during the A/W 14 season. Given her talent and reasonable price points (starting around 22 euros for a pair of earrings and going up to 198 euros for the more complex pieces), the Berlin-based designer is bound to be true gem of a find for retailers beyond the E.U looking to stock new and independent designers.

Contact Natia on her Facebook page.