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Makeup & Me: Golden Glimmer Or Disco Fever?

I love having my makeup done and experimenting with different looks.  I feel that makeovers make my posture noticeably better: I walk away from the makeup chair with my head held that much higher, my back straighter…

With the pre-production work of my TV show currently ongoing, its come to the time when I must prepare for my TV Promotion Images.  These will be the images that Silverbird TV uses to promote the program’s airing date and time on TV, as well as for teasers,  press releases, social media etc.  So Guuurl, my makeup has to be

Over this summer period, I have practiced two possible looks with Berlin-based makeup artist, Yohanna Van Der Pool.

Look 1: Golden Glimmer

With the first look, I stayed firmly in my Comfort Zone and used my favourite eye colour palettes: Gold Shimmer Shadows, Bronze, Mahogany Browns rimmed with lashings of black eyeliner and mascara.

006With this look, I forgot to cast my eyes downwards, so you’re not able to soak in Yohana’s great eye shadow blending techniques: Darn It!

069I just adore the luxurious molten look of Gold/Bronze/Brown eye shadows, I feel the hues look so luminescent on dark skin tones like mine.  With my sister’s warning ringing in my ears to lay off the ‘RuPaul, Drag Race Look’ after many a makeup session, I asked Yohana to not go all out on the Contouring, but honey, I still kept my Extravaganz-A Fake Eyelashes!

068I’m wearing: Jumpsuit (Peekaboo Vintage, London), Silver Shoes (Faith), Necklace and Rings (H&M), Belt (Port Harcourt Boutique), Bracelets (Lagos Airport).

Look 2: Disco Fever.

This time around I gave a nod to 70s GlaMORE! and experimented with a harder eye look: Purple Glitter.  I love 70s Makeup and Fashion: If Your Shit Didn’t Shimmer, It Didn’t Make No Sense.

153160Makeup aside, I have to give a shout out to the jewellery team at H&M (Yet Again!!!) Both my necklace and earrings are from there and this Spring/Summer season, I can just visualize their Design Studio Moodoboard full of travel images from around the globe: Africa, India…Art Deco Jewellery clippings….

164165The final makeup looks I decide on for my TV Promotion Images will depend largely on the clothes I end up wearing, so I’m going through my wardrobe bearing in mind that I need to appeal to a Nigerian audience whose Fashion Approach I take as, More Is More!!  PS I can’t wait to get to the stage where designers are lending me their clothes for these shoots…tsigh…

Speaking of which, next week I’ll be heading to a LDN designer studio to try on some looks which I will be ‘modelling’ for the TV Show Program to show how ‘Real Women’ can wear the brand’s clothes… I’m excited and nervous as hell!

167I’m wearing: Bustier (Wyldr), Skirt (Peekaboo Vintage, London), Shoes (Tamaris), Necklace, Earrings and Rings (H&M), Bracelets (Lagos Airport), Belt (Port Harcourt Boutique).

Aaaand back to you: which is your favourite makeup look: Golden Glimmer or Disco Fever?  If you could have a makeup session, what look would you go for? Retro, 70s, 80s, A Character From A Movie, A Pop Icon…? Do tell, I’d love to know.