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How To Get Your Picture Taken During Fashion Week (Autumn/Winter)

Ladies and Gentleladies, fashion week fever is sweeping through the nation, last week it was Berlin Fashion Week, in February will be London Fashion Week and then we have the menswear shows…now what does this mean for a fashion blogger?  Well a lot, the obvious Must Do’s being attending shows, networking at fashion events, yaddiyadiyada:but let’s not forget what a lot of bloggers really love about fashion week: that tap on the shoulder with words following, ‘Can I take your picture for ….?’ Come on, you know you love it, that’s why a lot of you dress for the occassion, some get it effortlessly right whilst others topple headfirst in the Try Hard pit.

Last week during Berlin Fashion Week, I attended the Blogger event to go to: Style Rankings, Fashion Blogger Café extravaganza to take some Fashion Week Personal Style pics.  When getting ready for the event I’m not gonna lie, I chose pieces with the intention of getting my picture taken and when I attended the event, I looked out for people who adorned themselves with particular accessories and used certain layering techniques that caught my eye.  The event was Oh So Much Fun, and after I had my picture taken by a few street style photographers, bloggers and magazine editors, I came up with the idea to write this article.

So in case you have a fashion week event coming up and you want to know how to make an impression or you are just plain curious, here are my:

Tips On How To Get Photographed During Fashion Week (Autumn/Winter)

(Note I am stressing Autumn/Winter because for obvious weather reasons,  the options one has to make an impact in Autumn/Winter are totally different from what one can do for Spring/Summer.

  1. It’s Autumn/Winter so a lot of you will want to gravitate towards black.  To make your black ensemble not fall flat, add some pizzazz like this lady did by injecting statement print via a handbag and metallic shine by accessorizing with gold jewellery.  A killer manicure and Boss Gold Watch won’t hurt either.


Gold Statement Rings and Watch2) Boys, why not catch our eye by colour coordinating from head to toe, playing with proportions, wearing a quirky statement print T and trainers that make us ask, ‘Where did you get that from?’  Seem like a lot to ask? Well this dude pulled it of and FYI a jaunty hat/cap to finish off the look won’t hurt either.

Black and White Menswear040White and Black trainers3) These two girls caught my eyes for different reasons.  For the one on the left, I was all about her simple monochrome pairings topped off by a fab black and gold Moschinoe bucket bag, and the belle’s 70s floppy hat on the right got two thumbs up from me. And the moral of the story is: simple statement accessories can go a long way.

046Moschino Black Bucket Bag70s Floppy Hat4) During Autumn/Winter fashion week, you are going to find your fair share of Black Jacket wearers, so if you stray from the dark fold and experiment with other colours, you are bound to catch someone’s attention. These girls are both showing how to add some pizzazz to their denim skinnies, a fringed poncho here, vampy makeup with sassy pigtails there…

0545) Boys, if you are wondering how to pull of the Urban meets Streetwear look, here’s how…Mr Cutey Cute can give lessons on neutral colour coordinating and layering.

Berlin Urban Streetwear0770806) And I saved my favourite look for last, Ms Thang ticks all my boxes: fab layering technique, she snatched in her waist for the gods with a skinny belt, her statement jewellery, fab multicoloured leather bag, her poppn’ cherry red trainers, the streaks in her hair…it goes on. One of the key tips to take away from this look? Experiment With Fashion by playing with colour and textures.

Maxi Sleeveless Knitwear Cardigan074071Multi Coloured Leather BagAnd before I sign of, here’s what I wore:

Maxi Trench Coat

062And back to you, from No.1 to 6, who gets your vote? Are any of you attending any upcoming fashion week events? What do you plan on wearing? Questions…questions…

Big Thank You To Style Ranking for this amazing Blogger Event, I’m very excited about the next one!