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#AccessoriesAreMyThing: Short Afro Hair Accessories & Style Inspiration

Ladies and Gentleladies: welcome to my #AccessoriesAreMyThing short series and now moving along…

So here’s the thing, I have an incy wincy Afro and sometimes I long for length to feel more feminine and yes, yes, I know the length of your hair has nothing to do with female empowerment but sometimes I get weak and want to put one sassy hand on my hip, turn a leg out and do a Beyoncé hair toss ok?

Since that can’t and won’t be happening anytime soon, I find myself drawn to hair accessories more and more, especially ones that compliment the short length of my hair.  Case in point, I feel certain headbands suit me more because my hair is so short.

When it comes to headbands, I don’t want those anorexic ones, Thank You.  I like em’ Thick.  I’m also all about embellishment; I love my headbands to razzle n dazzle, twinkle n winkle…

headband accessoriesShort Afro Hair Tip

Instead of pushing your headband back to sit on top or halfway on your head, try wearing it across your forehead for a more Dramatic Look.

Embellished HeadbandAs you know Beauty n Style go hand in hand, and personally, I feel having short hair means I have to up my Style Game.  Maybe I feel I have to over compensate somehow…hmmm, is this how men feel who have small, erm, ‘engines’?

Anywho, with my hair this short, I have nowhere to hide, my features are all out there n shit.  So in a bid to turn sour lemons in funky fresh lemonade, I like to comb my lil’ hair out the best I can, wear a maxi trench coat, slip on some statement boots…that makes me feel bad ass…

vintage maxi trench coatThen I layer my rings and snatch my waist for the gods.  I do this on some days so I can feel like a WO!Man…I am currently obsessed with rings and discovered a fab accessory Berlin store-I am- and as you know (if you follow my Blog) #AccessoriesAreMyThing, so I now pretty much live in the store!

Gold Statement RingsI also love the heels on my latest Vagabond boots, I really feel like lifting off when I’m in them and they are so comfortable!

Vagabond BootsAnd back to you guys: PsssT!I found a way to brave the cold whilst taking #OOTD shots: erm, by staying inside! This is the first indoors shoot I’ve done on my blog, the photographer is a good friend of mine- Patricia Santos.  Speaking of locations, I’d love to sit down with my fellow bloggers and ask how easy is it for y’all to find locations to take #OOTD photos?

‘Cause sometimes I feel like Personal Style bloggers live somewhere akin to a Universal Studios set, with all these fab staged sets you can just breezily catwalk to and take your shots…enquiring minds want to know! ( :

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Headband (similar) : ASOS,  Maxi Trenchcoat (similar): Topshop, Rings: I am, Boots (similar): Vagabond