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Key Ways To Look Chic In A Jumper Dress

Its Winter and jumper dresses at first glance seem like a godsend: easy to throw on, roomy enough to hide a multitude of sins and comfy to boot  Despite these irresistible attributes, jumper dresses can cause a bit of a connundrum, because one false move and you can end up looking like a shapeless potato sack.

And what’s more, the roomier and less fitted a jumper dress is, the harder it is to look chic, glamorous or anything from the luxe family.  Take for instance my chuniy cotton grey jumper dress, on a hanger it looks like the perfect outfit for casual wear…to have a Movie Night in, run around doing weekend errands in… But sometimes I want to look fancy in it, dammit!  Well after some playing around, I’ve found some key pieces that give it that Chic Factor.

Can I just add a side note to say that whilst doing this shoot, it was so cold that my fingers all but got frost bite? And no, running my hands under hot water didn’t help, it hurt like the very devil and I got a killer headache…how are you guys managing doing your Personal Style shoots in winter?  Anywho, back to the matter at hand…

Key Ways To Look Chic In A Jumper Dress

  1. Wear a bejewlled turban: if you read my blog you know I’ve said time and time again that turbans are a hop, skip and jump away from Glamour Ville.


Grey Jumper Dress2. Throw on a faux fur gilet: faux fur gilet’s, vests or whatever you wanna call them give that boho 70s luxe glam vibe to an outfit, so they’re the perfect accompaniment to a casual looking jumper dress.

jumper dress with fur gilet3. Razzle Dazzle with accessories: I love to mix gold and silver, and because my jumper dress has a neutral soft grey palette, I felt this gave me licence to amp things up with statement gold jewellery.  See my goldsnake skin bag? It’s Valentino.  I bought it in Harrods over a decade ago.  It punctured major holes in my wallet at the time.  It also fell apart after like a week and I learnt a very important lesson: that designer names don’t always mean quality.  I just love an expensive lesson, don’t you?

grey jumper dressGold snakeskin bagstatement gold rings4) Step up your footwear: what adorns your feet gives an insight into what mood you’re feeling.  So add some pizzazz to your jumper dress by slipping on shoes with a heel, interesting texture…

biki2.14Do any of you own a sweater or jumper dress? How do you style it?

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Pictures: Patricia Santos