Believe it or not, I started out in the legal profession but being a creative at heart, I jumped ship.  Fast forward the years, and I’ve worked in the fashion industry in many capacities which include: Writer, Stylist, PR Consultant, Television Host and Producer.  I’ve been lucky to work with international and African-focused brands like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Berlin, Arise and Silverbird Television.


This platform is a way for me to bring you into my world and share what I’m passionate about: fashion, photography, beauty, lifestyle…I hope you enjoy your time here and leave inspired. Bisous


  • Its nice to meet another Nigerian on wordpress,and by the way,you have a lovely blog.

    • Thanks I thought the same thing when I clicked on to your blog- the Nigerian fashion industry is growing, and I’ll be referencing your blog as one of the ways to keep on top of that!

  • Hello luv, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! See the details on my blog: http://stylesalvation.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/the-versatile-blogger-award

    • Hon, thats super sweet of you, I’m going to follow the link now…x

    • I was really confused, and this answered all my qusnoites.

  • Hey there, I’m Cameron. I really like your blog, especially how you example the African styles and culture. I’m just starting my blog. I’m interested in fashion and style, traveling, music, and pop culture. I would really appreciate any advice from you, a follow back, or even just checking out my blog! Thank you!

    • Thanks for stopping by. I have already checked out your blog and have left comments. I always get a good fashion history lesson when I read your posts!

    • …as for the advice part, all I have to say is continue to write what you are passionate about, stay true to yourself and if you are blogging for a hobby then you should be fine! If you are blogging to make money etc, well, different rules apply….

  • I’m so in love with your blog. Please do visit my blog 🙂

  • Dropping you an email hun.

  • Sure thing Stella! I really need to update my About section, tsigh…

  • Hello,

    I am pleased to meet you. 🙂

    Your blog is delightful.

    • Thanks for all the support, really looking forward to checking your blog out!

      • You are most welcome. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  • Jey

    Hi Biki, I recently switched my career focus from the airline industry to the creative industries. I know it is hard to get into the industry(fashion/event planning/entertainment) or even get clients, but I know that this is my passion and I have the talents and skills to pursue this new direction. I’ve done some projects in the past and done some freelance gigs on the side(events, PR, writing & styling). Obviously not enough, but looking at your work is not only really inspiring, but also motivational to not give up!! I’m working on the website also. The only thing is, the Netherlands is such a small country for creative people like myself…there aren’t so many events going on, and there’s no fashion here….grrr.so I’m also looking abroad. If you have some tips, please let me know! xo -Jey.

    • Hey hon, thanks for letting me know this, its always good to know what other bloggers are getting up to, a bit of their background. I’m glad I could inspire you somewhat. I gave up law for fashion many years back and if I had to do it all again, I would, but instead of doing editorial work for independent mags (that always have no money) and for fashion start up companies with no solid financial plans: I’d have done PR work for top brands and then from there done my styling and writing gigs…my advice is master the Netherlands fashion scene. Be the fashion top dog over there, write for the mags, style their mags, shows etc try and get on their TV shows…and all the wthat way you when you are targetting bigger fish, you’ll have proof you can do the job.
      Let me know how you get on, I’m interested, good luck hon! ( :

      • Jey

        Thanks for the encouragement!! Much appreciated. Even though I haven’t done much, I will still do my best to get more gigs..but it’s so hard here..they usually want interns…students who are enrolled in school! Since I’m not…I still won’t give up. I’ve had a look at your portfolio and I might add the projects I have done so far on my website too..It might not be much, but it’s a beginning. I will also incorporate some personal styling on my blog and link both sites. And I’m trying to network through LinkedIn as well . I’ve also decided to not focus on Fashion only, but lifestyle, interior, entertainment also.. that way I won’t limit myself. Once my site is finished, would you mind to have a look at it? Thanks again!! 🙂

        • Yeah, definitely add what you’ve done on your website, and jazz it up to sell yourself! And yes, once its finished, you can show me! Have a good wend hon! ( :
          Ps veeery gd idea not to just focus on fashion…lifestyle and interior will be a good add on!

  • Hello Biki, you have an interesting blog. We want to feature you in the CITYTIMES – http://www.citytimes.co.uk

  • Congrats Biki! Love your blog!
    Much love 🙂

  • Your hair is so cute

    • Haha, good to see you in the blogging world for a minute. Thought we lost you to Snapchat ( :

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