African Photography Exhibition- MTINDO, ‘Rebranding Africa’

African photography exhibition

On Friday, 29th October, I attended the African photography exhibition- MTINDO, in Berlin. The exhibition featured a selection of curated images taken from the book, MTINDO. The word MTINDO means ‘style’ in Swahili, and yet ‘movement’. In this book, photographer Daniele Tamagni captures a diverse of array of new generation ‘style movers’ in Africa- from musicians to artists and filmmakers, the aim of the book and photography project is to portray the modernity of avant-garde creatives from the African content. Of course this wouldn’t be complete without portraying a visual feast of African fashion.

Continue reading to see some of the fantastic African styles, creatives and guests I captured…

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6 Looks That Will Inspire Your Summer Style Courstesy Of Blogger, Metrogypsie

Purple hair extensions inspiration

I bumped into Nigerian blogger and digital influencer, Stephanie Okafor aka Metrogypsie, when I was surfing YouTube and was instantly impressed by her channel and content. Fast forward some weeks later and I reached out to the London-based  Stylista to ask if she could support me with the promotions of the fashion Silverbird TV show I hosted and produced last year. I’ll always remember that Stephanie replied in the affirmative in super-duper time. That’s rare in this industry peeps. So it’s with great pleasure that I share 6 of her key looks that will inspire your summer style… Continue reading…


My One-Off Naija Dance Fitness Class Goes Down On Sunday, 21st August!

dancing outfit

Hey Peeps, hope everyone had a good weekend, what did y’all get up to? Ok, now back to me! If you Follow my blog you’ll know a few weeks back, I mentioned I’d be giving a one-off Naija Dance Fitness master class (mouthful, I know!!) in Berlin. Well children, the time for my Dance Aerobics Workout debut has come! Also, if you keep up with my blog’s Facebook page antics, you’ll know that I released some short videos of me busting a groove. Weeeeell, this is what it was all for. Continue Reading to get all the details of the class…

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Watch Part 2 Of My Silverbird TV Show, ‘Fashion Special With Biki John’!

L to R: Me, Designer: Jose Hendo, Model: Paula Okunzuwa

L to R: Me, Designer: Jose Hendo, Model: Paula Okunzuwa

Happy New Year Everyone! I love the first week of Jan don’t you, your body, soul and mind is just brimming with hope and positivity; you’re damn near overflowing  with ideas on how to change your life for the better. Enrol in that Gym, Go Green, Spring Clean your Wardrobe, Ditch those Bad Habits, Get that Promotion, Bla Bla Blabity Blaaaaa! ( :

Well, in the spirit of Bringing In The New, I’d like to present y’all with Part 2 of my TV show. I’d also like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to leave Comments on my Part 1 post: your feedback is truly valuable.  Good or bad, I want to hear it, coz as I said before: You are my target audience!

In Part 2 of the show, I interview award-winning Ugandan-born British designer, Jose Hendo who shows that African fashion is more than the stereotypically perceived bold colour and prints; it can also incorporate striking/exaggerated and wearable monochrome silhouettes, as well as advocate eco-fashion.

I happen to find her work ethos as striking as her fabulous hair-do, and was pleasantly surprised and happy to have her be so vulnerable during the interview- when you watch the vid, you’ll see what I mean.  In addition to this interview, I also share some more S/S 16 Trend Alerts and there’s a dash of Street Style and a dollop of Model Interviews.

I have to say I enjoyed doing post-production work more on Part 2 because of the critique I got from Part 1, I hope it shows.  Again, let me know in the Comments Section below.

Have a great first week of the year: Go Get ‘Em Tiger, Grrrrrr (and yes, I am taking my New Year Gusto a bit too far!!)

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Watch My Silverbird TV Show, ‘Fashion Special With Biki John’ (Part 1)

silverbird promotion banner 2nd edition

WEeeEEeLLLL: it’s Finally Ready: Watch my Silverbird TV, ‘Fashion Special With Biki John’. (Part 1)

One of the main reasons I Host and Produce this show is because it’s 2015 and yet during London Fashion Week, despite the number of talented African designers based in London and beyond; it is rare to find them showing On Schedule(to leading/mainstream press and buyers) during LFW.

Via Nigeria’s leading entertainment mega brand-Silverbird- and their TV and YouTube channel; in my show, select creatives get an opportunity to showcase their craft to both an African (via TV) and international audience (via YouTube). In a nutshell, I’m all about #MakingAfricanFashionGlobal.

I get off from working hard, I’m freaky like that, but if I’m being honest the pre and post production work of the 2nd Edition of this show took far too much from me- physically and mentally- so much so, that I’m not sure if I can do it again.  If you watch the credits at the end of the show, you’ll see why when you see how many jobs/roles I had for the program…

And now its done, so many questions are circling my brain: Was it worth it? Will people take anything away from the show? Did the fact we had a limited budget harm the show? Erm, does anyone give a flying fuck about my show?…

I know what I need now is time and the Christmas holidays, and then to look at the project again with fresh rejigged eyes, but what will really help fuel my engines again is you guys.  You are my target audience, this video is and was for you: so drop me a message in my Comment Box letting me know what you liked about the show and what you were not so keen on.

If you like the video then Like it, Share it with your friends etc.

Ps Part 2 will be uploaded shortly!

Photography: Alessandro Visconti Photography.


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