Hair and Beauty

Hair and Beauty

Top Beauty Vlogging Tips from YouTube Sensation, Fumi Desalu-Vold

Lets get one thing clear, Fumi is so much more than a vlogger but I had to keep the title short.  The strings to her fabulous bow include: reigned supreme as West Africa’s first supermodel, handpicked by Puff Daddy himself to feature in his Public Enemy video, worked as a model for top brands like Versace, Michael Korrs and Yohji Yamamoto, starred in Ugly Betty, acted alongside Eddie Murphy in Norbit,Trilingual (English, Afrikanns and Norwegian) and in addition to all this her YouTube channel with over 15,000 active subscribers keeps growing by the minute.

Luckily for me, although Fumi was especially busy as she’s planning a work trip, she took some time out to meet me in Colbert cafe on the Kings Road, London and over some scrumptious lemon cheesecake, I got to ask her some burning questions. Continue Reading to discover top tips for beauty vloggers on YouTube.

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Hair and Beauty

#AccessoriesAreMyThing: Must-Have Short Hair Accessories

Morning Peeps, first things first, to all my Old Readers, well not old OOOld…erm, you know what I mean. Anyhoo, I hope you have all clicked the Follow or Subscribe option on my new blog, so you are kept up to date with my posts.  Some Followers have asked if my new blog will still pop up on their WordPress Reader, and I’ll ask my Blog developer about this, but in the meantime Following/Subscribing to my new blog is the best option.

Now back to the matter at hand- y’all didn’t think I’d forgotten about my #AccessoriesAreMyThing series did you?  Shorthaired Folk, I’ve got your back: Continue Reading…

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Hair and Beauty

#AccessoriesAreMyThing: How To Look Feminine With A Short Afro

Gold leaf hair comb with chains

Continuing with my #AccessoriesAreMyThing series, let me tell you a short story.  One night in Berlin, I found myself in the Ladies Toilets trying to make some sense of my lil’ Afro: you see water is to an Afro, what kryptonite is to Superman: It Destroys. So after a vigorous dance session, sweat tends to make my hair shrink, meaning I have to ‘Superman Dash’ into the loos to puff it out again (which often fails).

gold and silver earrings

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Hair and Beauty, Personal Style

Go For Colour!

Batik Print Kaftan

As you know (if you read my last post), last weekend, I took pictures of Daniel at Bogobiri in Lagos. For my #OOTD, I decided to wear one of my favourite kaftans and for my #MOTD (Make-up Of The Day, Hellllloooo…!), I turned to my House of Tara, High Intensity Pigment Eye palette set to play with two of my favourite eye shadow hues at the moment: Green and Purple.

How gorgeous are the colours in House of Tara’s make-up set: especially the neon tones?

House of Tara High Intensity Pigment

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Hair and Beauty

#AccessoriesAreMyThing: Short Afro Hair Accessories & Style Inspiration

short afro hair accessories

Ladies and Gentleladies: welcome to my #AccessoriesAreMyThing short series and now moving along…

So here’s the thing, I have an incy wincy Afro and sometimes I long for length to feel more feminine and yes, yes, I know the length of your hair has nothing to do with female empowerment but sometimes I get weak and want to put one sassy hand on my hip, turn a leg out and do a Beyoncé hair toss ok?

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