Hair and Beauty

Hair and Beauty

My 'Lagos Makeover' @ The Kinky Apothecary Pop Up Salon

A few weeks ago, I watched this YouTube clip from a Naij Media Big Wig over here, Toke M.  It had me in hysterics, but underneath the humour was a huge dollop of truth. There is a Lagos Look and for the most part, if you want to play with the Big Boys and their Toys,you just have to get jiggy with it.

That’s why when I learnt (via The Kink and I) that The Kinky Apothecary was having a Pop Up Salon at The White Space last week Saturday; where amongst many Beauty Treats, I could get my make up done: I knew I had to book an appointment.

Fast forward to me sitting on my make up chair, heart beating with eager anticipation- I was so excited, FINAALLLY My ‘Lagos Drag Queen(esque)’ Make Over!!

Let me pause here to say that I was extra joyful because moments earlier, I bought a fab Raffia top courtesy of GREY, as they were having a sale at the Pop Up event!  Ps GREY is fast becoming one of my favourite Nigerian fashion brands.  I already bought a jacquard skirt of theirs last week, that I’m saving for New Years.

Ok, so back to me being on my chair- my make up that day was done by the Sacred Beauty team, specifically, Aremu Kazeem Yayah.


When he asked me what I wanted, I replied with great gusto that I craved the Big She-Bang, I wanted to look like one of the Bella Naija Wedding Belles.  Subtlety Was Out and In Yer Face was the way to go!  At the end of the day as Toke said, My Eyes Had To Be Speeeeeeaking!!!

Initially, Areemu wanted to go this route with my lippy, but I wasn’t for it-

So he changed it to this-

029(Make Up used: MAC Foundation NW47, SACRED Concealer (for contouring and highlighting), SACRED Mineralize Powder, SACRED Eyeshadow Palette (Gold, Purple and Black), MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder, SACRED Eyebrow pencil and Red Cherry Eyelashes)

The Make Up cost N7,000 with N1,000 of that for the lashes.

After my make over, I dashed around the space to capture what was going on-

047The lovely Uche from GREY (on the left)wearing a GREY ensemble. I’m loving that Tangerine Orange bag and her footwear.048052I am considering dying my hair but I’m holding back till I’m armed with all the info I need as my hair is super sensitive. The cutie on the right told me she used a random bleach in a hair store in the UK, that was actually meant for Caucasian hair. And luckily her, none of her hair has fallen out! 053I loved the art work and photography I saw-

056The fab Nibi in GREY. Ps my Raffia top is in the same design as the ensemble she is wearing- J’adore!

055059061Needless to say, I had so much fun getting my make up done. I did feel a twinge of discomfort as I don’t normally shovel so much make up on, but that soon melted with all the compliments I received. I must admit, when I looked into the mirror, I did feel very Drag-a-licious and ready to feature on RuPaul’s, Drag Race. Ladies, Start Your Engines!!

???????????????????????????????I had initially planned to have my Big Madame outfit and accessories to match this look, but I ended up running late for my appointment, so grabbed this dress from my Mama’s wardrobe.  I’m all about the colourful beading on the neckline.


???????????????????????????????It’s now time for the gratuitous, self indulgent Selfies!

072075All in all, it was a great concept and event. Being relatively ‘new’ in town, I really enjoyed the experience and it was also my first Pop Up event in Lagos.  I hope to go to more of such, at a similar standard.  Well Done Team!

On a separate note, its 2 days to Christmas- AAAAAHHH!! Where has the time gone?  I wish all of you a joyous Christmas. Hope you have lots of merry moments with your loved ones!

Hair and Beauty

Short Afro Heroes

It would be more accurate to say Heroines as opposed to Heroes, but who wants to be perfect?  So what is a Short Afro Hero?  Quite simply, like any hero these people inspire.  Whereas super heroes or mortal heroes are renowned for making sacrifices to save humankind, Short Afro Heroes although exempt from this daily burden, can inspire us to make the necessary hair changes or adopt regimes that can indeed rescue us from the edge.  Think I’m being dramatic?  Then you have never looked in the mirror and wanted to pull your own head off because after years of hair abuse, your hairline decides to take a vacation away from your head. Permanently.

Short Afro Heroes without having to use super powers but by simply wearing their hair short and naturally with pizzazz can force you to take a good hard look at yourself and make the necessary hair and diet changes.  And without further ado:

Let’s start with a fiery bang.

Red Short Afro Hair

Put a ring through it.

short afro hair with nose piercing


Uber Short Hair + Uber Long Legs = Uber Sex Appeal.



Love those lil’ spirals.



So who is your hair hero? It can be a friend, relative, celebrity: who inspires you to take better care of your locks or seduces you into staring endlessly at their manes?

Hair and Beauty

The Beginning Of My Short Natural Afro Journey

Short Afro With Flowr CombLast weekend, for the first time in my life- I went out on a night out with no hair cover up.  No turban, scarf, head wrap, wig and the like.  I was all me.  If you read my blog you will know that this was a very, very, very…B-I-G deal for me- but I did it!  And in the end, it felt so empowering and I got some of my most memorable compliments.

It took me a long time to get here.  I actually did a hair chop in Feb, and it had begun to grow but my daily hot blow drying soon saw my hair take a Dramatic Exit, and in exasperation I went for the Big Chop earlier on this month.

A few things got me to the mental place where I could leave the house with my TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)- I would love to say that it all came from Inner Confidence, but this would be a lie and not to mention, bull shit.

What got me here was yes my growing confidence (in specific relation to accepting the fact I had a very short cut), plus a particular encounter with a much, much younger guy who in the words of Truth Hurts, (in So Addictive), ‘makes me glow’ plus discovering these sites which feature black girls with short hair- Black Girls With Beautifully Short Hair and Short Hairstyles for Black Women.

These three (or four) factors are helping/helped me overcome my: ‘I look like a Slave/Boy/Housegirl’ complex, and it’s still a work in progress, but all journeys start with a first step, and with these images, I do believe I have taken mine.

Have any of you ever done a really short cut before?  How did you deal with it, how did it make you feel- self-conscious or empowered? Which celebrities do you think fly the Short Hair Flag well?

Hair and Beauty

Does My Natural Short Afro Make Me Look Ugly?

This month marks the fourth month since I took the Big Chop.  I had to do it because after about 20 years of hair abuse which included letting any so -called ‘hair stylist’ work on (/murder!) my hair and keeping my extensions for too long, my hair became very weak, thinned out and kept on breaking off.

From a vanity point of view, the past few months have been very hard on me so much so that I never wore my actual Afro out- bare and naked, even indoors.  I felt too vulnerable to do that.  It was even hard for me to walk past the mirrors in my flat with my Afro out, because seeing my natural hair served as a reminder of my self-inflicted damage and to put it bluntly, it made me feel ugly. Consequently, my hair was constantly covered in headscarves and turbans.

I’ll tell you here and now that my feelings aren’t helped when I go to the M.A.C counter and I see their new celebrity endorser, Nicky Minaj in all her ‘Black Barbie, Plastic Fantastic’ glory:


Seeing images like this really makes me miss the late 90s, when we had arguably the most successful crossover black Hip-Hop artist at that time- Lauryn Hill.  I found her images utterly inspiring, because she was relatively dark skinned with short hair and she looked so cool, beautiful and classy:


A few days ago, I came across these images on Pinterest:


This picture really inspired me, here was a black woman with a colour tone that was a bit similar to mine (though she is a bit lighter) with natural Afro hair that was shorter than mine and she looked beautiful and more importantly radiant.  Like a Phoenix I rose from my bed (ha!) went to wash my hair (with my Organic Root Stimulator, Olive Oil Shampoo and Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner).

And then I finally used my Turbo Afro Hairdryer which I hadn’t used in a while because I had got into a routine of washing my hair, letting it dry naturally and then quickly covering it with a headscarf.

After blowdrying my hair and looking in the mirror, I literally squealed because my hair had grown. Ok so it only grew by, like 2 inches but it had grown!  Up to that point I had really given up on my hair because after the chop it seemed that it wasn’t growing.  But silly  me, I had forgotten all about Afro Shrinkage.

That evening, for the first time in months, I wore my Natural Afro hair out with a headscarf that covered the sides as opposed to  my whole hair and I felt so confident.  As I walked down the streets some guy called out to me, ‘Hey I love your look, very Nina Simone’!

Ok, yes as a black girl in Berlin, I get tired of being told I look like every black famous person under the sun, but the funny thing was I had actually begun to watch Nina Simone live performances and liked the way she wore her Short Natural Afro.  So his compliments put an extra skip in my step and ounce in my bounce.

You’d be hard pressed to find a black female singer wearing her hair this way these days!

And now I wear my Natural Afro in a more ‘naked fashion’, I still wear my turbans as I love them, but when I am in my flat, I don’t wear my headscarves (unless I am preparing for bed) and now I can actually pass a mirror and look at myself with my short Afro.  Sometimes I add a good ol’ finger snap for good measure to show my approval!


Hair and Beauty

Quiff Hairstyle With Braid For Short Afro or Relaxed Hair

My recent hairstyle comes in the shape of what I like to call, ‘The Rock n Roll Quiff with a Twist’.  The twist being, the back of my hair is cornrowed and falls as one long plait.

I also added some blonde streaks to the curls to highlight my skin tone-

This hairstyle can be achieved with a natural afro as one can leave one’s hair out at the front and cornrow the back with their natural hair, or go for a fuller braid length using hair extensions.

Similarly, people with relaxed hair can also do this hairstyle with the help of using Curl Extensions at the front and Cornrow Extensions at the back.  I used the latter option as its pretty cold in Berlin at the moment and I want to protect my hair.

To achieve the volume, I use a great product by Kera Care called Silken Seal.  I tend to put about 2/3 drops on my fingers, rub it in and then use an Afro comb to seperate the curls.  To finish the look, I use medium sized black curly grips to put the hair in the direction I want.

I also opted to dress in Christmas festive colours, I saw this fan in an off-licence shop window down my road and couldn’t resist.  I thought it would be fun to coordinate the colours on my fan with my red coral dress, green bra and black lace glove-

Dress and belt- Portobello Market, Necklace- Primark, Glove- Ad Hoc, Fan- Off- Licence.

Have any of you done the Quiff Hairstyle before?  I tried to make it ‘my own’ by adding the blonde extensions and plait, how have you or how would you give the Quiff hairstyle your own personal twist?

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