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Personal Style

What did you wear to the OE Magazine Party?

On Friday, 18th November 2011 I went to the OE magazine 2nd issue launch party which was held at Voo Store, Kreuzberg.  As most of you know who’ve been reading my blog, I was very excited about attending this event as I had styled an editorial in the issue.  I was also looking forward to wearing my Anita/West Side Story meets Like A Prayer (Madonna) dress.

I had a really great time at the party, Voo store has a great space and as I had gone to the event on my own, this made me put my networking hat on and I met lots of interesting people.  Furthermore, I was surprised and pleased to hear the commercial R & B toooones the DJ played, which made me feel further at ease and put an extra bounce in my step.

The following gems caught my eye at the event

It was great to have the essence of Freddie Mercury in the room courtesy of the extremely talented stylist, Herald Erath

I loved the gold embellishment detailing on stylist, Dario Cuci’s ( trousers-

I love a good mish-mash of print, textures and colour-

The DJ who ‘saved my life’-

And I was none too pleased to have his beats put to a halt by the alarming, warbling sounds that emanated from these ladies-

Ladies, a simple fashion equation: Leopard Print + Coral Red= HOT.

And now ladies and gentleladies, the moment you’ve all been waiting for- THE EYE CANDY FOR THE NIGHT

The model below is called Ugar Tuzlali and his racy editorial in the OE 2nd issue makes it a sin for him to ever wear clothes, especially when they cover up the statement tattoos that adorn his very toned, impressive body.  He was also very sweet to talk to which is a rare combination.  And of course he has a girlfriend.  In Australia.  Does that count?  Bygones.

Fashion-wise, there are two things that makes me a sucker when it comes to menswear- trench coats and beanies. Regarding the latter, I don’t know what it is but whatever it is, even Johnny Depp knows their super powers as he is rarely seen without one.

This guy looked like he walked straight out of a Bollywood musical set, where plays a good-looking spoilt prince who….ok I’ll stop…

And what did I wear? I settled on my red lace prom dress and added red lace gloves, red corset belt and a rose crown for good measure.  I will never be the most beautiful or slimmest girl in the room but I will command attention when I Sashay Shante through that door


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Ask Biki- Menswear Trench Coat Query


Dear Biki

I have always wanted a trench coat but never quite found one that didn’t make me look like a twee French man or a wannabe Central St Martins student. So to spend money or not to spend money, to go traditional with the big lapel over the shoulder or something more daring…

I like to think I have a good eye but this piece of classic heritage has always defeated me, maybe you have to be a man over 6ft for it to really work.  Could you give me any tips on trying to find one with the perfect fit?

Thanks, George


Dear George

If the legendary Humphrey Bogart could set the screen alight whilst putting his 5ft 8 frame into a trench coat, thus making it ‘the must have’ item for men- so can you.

Courtesy of

I believe any man attempting to make this iconic, traditional apparel his own should take a leaf out of Bogart’s book.  He tended to wear double-breasted trench coats and punctuated his ‘oh so cool’ look by fastening a double knot at the front.  Since your query refers to fit, being aware of the various ways one can tie a belt is very important as tieing a trench coat belt wrongly can make you look heavier and send you into Fee Fi Fo Fum land, making you look indeed (in your own words) like a giant.  Furthermore, not putting a belt at all can make your overall look appear sloppy.

Here is a great article on the various ways one can tie a trench coat belt-

From what you have told me in your question, I am assuming you are below 6ft, although this is of importance when knowing what style of trench coat to purchase.  There are some general rules that apply to trench coats no matter how tall a man is, they are as follows-

1. When buying a trench coat, make sure it is large enough so you can wear other pieces beneath it like a heavy knit jumper or suit jacket.

2.  Whilst your trench coat shouldn’t be so small that it makes you look like a wee twee French man, it shouldn’t be so large that people can use it to pitch a tent.

Courtesy of

There is a great article about how to buy the perfect trench coat for your body type, which you can access here-

Interestingly enough the author states that, ‘There is not a right length for a trench coat, rather a man should choose a length based off his body type.  Tall and large men should consider longer coats that fall below the knee – short coats make them look like giants.  Smaller men should select shorter coats that fit above the knee and are closely tailored.  These smaller coats will be more proportional and not make you look like you’re wading in excess fabric’.

What I think is particularly useful when it comes to your situation is he says, ‘Trench coats can usually be made smaller in the torso and shortened by 5-8 percent (not inches – think 3 inches at most)’.

So with all these tips in mind, my advice would be to find the best fit of trench coat that you can find, and then find a great tailor to have it customised to fit you.

Speaking of customising, if you want to make a stylish investment, it may be worth while thinking of getting your very own trench coat customised.  That way not only are you guaranteed a perfect fit but you can make one that accommodates your social life (e.g. one that can store your phone, wallet etc) and you can add little details that reflect your style preferences.

Finally, to get your creative juices flowing for the trench coat that you will be having customised- the following image shows Burberry’s modified work on the classic trench coat.  By adding studded details around the collar, the coat is given a younger, edgier appeal-

Courtesy of

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Michelle Williams- THE Hollywood actress to watch

Recently, I haven’t been keeping up with Hollywood, upcoming film releases, red carpet moments and the like.  I use to keep tabs on who the Hollywood ‘It’ kids were and now I have absolutely no idea because the Dakota Fanning’s, ‘Patticakes’ and Carey Mulligan’s of Young Hollywood don’t pull me in like the 80’s Bratpack did (Yes, Rob Lowe I mean you) or the early 90’s Young Hollywood did (emphasis on Leonardo DiCaprio).

However, when it comes to Hollywood I still have a soft spot for certain actors and actresses who I feel ‘I grew up with’.  This is why I am looking forward to watching Michelle William’s upcoming portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, in the British drama, ‘My week with Marilyn’.  I have a soft spot for the actress as in my early teens I was a huge Dawson’s Creek fan (thanks to Joshua Jackson) and through the years it has been interesting for me to watch how both her personal style and films have evolved.  As corny as it sounds, I really feel that she has blossomed both as a woman and an actress.

One only has to look at her striking transformation on the red carpet from an unsure 17 year old in 1998-

Courtesy of

To a woman confident enough to outshine Heath Ledger (no easy feat) on the red carpet by wearing a bold canary yellow Vera Wang gown to the 78th Academy Awards in 2006.  Up till now, this still remains one of my favourite looks I have ever seen at any red carpet event-

I also love the ‘Mia Farrow’ pixie look she is currently sporting.  Earlier this year at the New York premier of ‘My week with Marilyn’, Michelle was the epitome of minimal chic when she wore the below mint green Christian Dior gownNormally, I like my evening dresses with a side of statement jewellery and a dollop of razzle dazzle accessories.  However, Michelle has that beautiful, frail ‘Audrey Hepburn quality’ where she still looks striking totally void of all that jazz-

Courtesy of

I am so happy that she is playing the lead role in a movie that is about a Hollywood icon, that happens to be my favourite Hollywood actress of all time.  In her own words Michelle hasn’t ‘been working in a particularly flashy or visible way’, and if you weren’t looking for them, ‘you would miss the movies’ that she’s made that she’s proud of.  Well all that is about to change, you’ve come a long way Jen Lindley.

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What did you wear last night?

Last night I went to a birthday house-shindig that was sadly not carrying a Halloween-themed tag.  However, I decided that if Halloween wouldn’t come to me this year, I would take the requisite steps to bring some Halloween Drama to the party and decided on this number-

My headscarf is a recent purchase from Turkischer Market, Berlin

My cobweb cloak (which got a lot of good reviews) is from the Galeria mall, Berlin.

I got my Madonna Vest top from H & M, which is currently selling a range of music-inspired vests.

My black maxi skirt is an old purchase from Topshop and my belt is vintage.

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What’s the 411 on the Husk Magazine Party?

On Friday 21st October, I made my way to Part 1 of the Husk magazine party which was held at the 129 Gallery, Emer Strasse (Neukolln).  I say Part 1 because the festivities were split into two parts, with Part 2 (the actual part-ay) being held later on at the Backyard, Gitschiner Strasse 22.

I decided on this ensemble for the evening-

I was particularly looking forward to this party as Husk were celebrating the release of their Vol II, No III Fall/Winter 2011 issue, which had my latest written editorial within its fashion/artsy pages.

Part 1 of the party was a rather tame affair and didn’t have the best of starts.  Reason being, I took a wrong turn, got lost and arrived very flustered to a rather (deserving) tepid welcome from my partner in crime, who had been waiting for me for a good 40 minutes.  Things didn’t improve when I was told that the only free drink on offer was beer.  I hate beer.  The next disappointment was the crowd which I felt had a rather uninspiring ‘Fresher’s week at University’ vibe.

In the gallery,guests had the option of gazing at a few paintings, flicking and buying the Husk mags which were on display, or buying a Husk cotton bag (for 5 euros (!!) )-

Those who wanted to be mentally stimulated could take in the profound words on the gallery’s door-

I managed to find some people to take pictures of-

I was impressed by one of the Husk editors’-Philipp Humm‘Gareth Pugh-ish get-up’

The beginning of Part 2 of the Husk party had a rather shaky start as well.  Upon arriving at Backyard, we were told to wait outside as things were being sorted out inside.  With the feel of the sun on your back, this is a rational request, but when icy winds keep bitch-slapping your cheeks- the order seems irrational and cruel.

After waiting for hours (it seemed), we were ushered in groups of four, as requested by the ‘irrational and cruel’ bouncer.  Once inside, my partner and I realised that in our haste to get to the party at 11pm, so we wouldn’t miss the open bar which was from 11pm to midnight- we forgot that in Berlin things don’t get heated up till much later.  So for a good while (it seemed), we sat down in an empty room and I began to despair when my partner in crime desperately turned towards me and said, ‘Tell me a joke!’.

Suddenly, (it seemed) the party did a 360; open bar hour began, ‘cool people’ not resembling ‘Uni Fresher’s’ stomped in, the DJ began to play great pumping beats and I was in fashion heaven!

This Femme Fatale, was for me, the most stunning girl at the party-I just couldn’t take my eyes of her.  So far in Berlin from what I’ve seen, women have a very low-key attitude to dressing up and the ‘I just got out of bed, put this on and dashed out’ look reigns.  However, that’s not really my style, and it’s always a relief to see women in Berlin who love to dress with pizzazz-

You little poser-

I love a boy who gives good Turban

This boy has winter accessorizing down to a fabulous T-

No Berlin party is complete without a display of ink lovin’

My partner in crime oozing casual, layered style

I liked the Old Hollywood look of the girl on the right-

And finally, the highlight of the party for me was meeting the below ‘too cute for words’ boys.  I’d love to style them in a menswear fashion shoot-

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