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My Interview Feature in Attire Club’s, InCompany Magazine

attire club

One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is when I’m asked to be interviewed by a fashion and lifestyle magazine, so when Attire Club reached out to me for a feature in the fourth issue of their InCompany magazine, I was happy to say, ‘YaaAASS!’

Continue reading for snippets of the interview where I discuss my personal style, making African fashion global and more…

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Personal Style

The Red Dress Effect – The Psychology Behind the Red Dress

red dress

Do any of you own a red dress? Have you noticed that when you slip it on it takes you from  Clark Kent to Superman in a blink of an eye? Whether you are into fashion or not, you can’t deny that clothes have the power to affect our mood and behaviour. Focusing on clothes, I think a lot of the ‘super powers’ in clothes are dependent on the texture and colour of the garment. So what happens when you combine one of the toughest textures- leather, with one of the most bold colours in the spectrum- red? Well, Continue Reading to discover more about the red dress effect…

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Hair and Beauty

Short Natural Hair Psychology – Where do you stand?

short hair psychology

Guuuurl, pull up a chair, put the kettle on and lets talk hair. When I did the Big Chop, I wrote a blog article titled, Does my Natural Short Afro Make me Look Ugly? and in it I talked about my hair journey and the frustrations and insecurities I felt with my short natural hair. In today’s post I want to give a short update about how I feel with my short natural hair and more importantly, when it comes to short hair psychology- I would love to hear from my readers who have short hair or short natural hair with regards to how they feel about it. Continue Reading… Continue reading…

Ask Biki...

Vintage Style- How do I Modernize my Vintage Outfit?

vintage style

Reader Question

I recently fell in love with buying vintage clothes because I am a fan of decades that have gone by- the glamour of the 50s, the decadence of the 70s…however I am still working on my vintage style. I would love to know how to wear vintage clothes without looking, well, vintage. I want to wear my vintage clothes and still look contemporary. Could you give me some styling tips?

Continue Reading to get ideas on how to modernize your vintage outfit.
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This & That

Photo Text – Caption This!

Photo text - African fashion

If you Follow my blog then you know the name of this game. But on a side note, how many of you on Instagram struggle with finding appropriate captions for your pictures? The Instagram market is so saturated that it can sometimes feel that what you want to say has already been said. A million times over.  I once worked in a company where I was told by my boss that when it comes to social media, people are only interested in the pictures and not the text accompanying it. In his mind, photo text was not important, I strongly disagree, what do you think about the importance of photo text? Continue Reading to sound off your caption ideas to the picture below… Continue reading…

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