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Short Hairstyles – Natural Mohawk Hairstyle

short hairstyles

One of the most popular complaints you will hear with woman with short hair is the lack of styling options. I can certainly attest to that, and for me, having short and  natural hair to boot makes it even harder. If you go to the right natural hair salons they can definitely hook you up, however I want a short but eye-catching hairstyle that I could do on my own. When it comes to short hairstyles, I am a big fan of the mohawk hairstyle. Continue Reading to discover how to create this style with your short natural hair.

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Personal Style

Shirt Dress – 2 Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress

shirt dress

One of the great things about a shirt dress is that it’s an outfit that keeps on giving. Essentially what I mean is, due to the many ways one can wear a shirt dress, depending on the way you rock it each time, your shirt dress can look like an entirely new outfit. Don’t believe me? Continue Reading to see my 2 budget-friendly ways to wear a shirt dress.

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Fashion Trends – A/W 2016 Trends I Refuse to Wear

fashion trends

I love Autumn/Winter (A/W) because when it comes to fashion, there are habitually lots of textures, fabrics and structures to choose from. Also, it’s always interesting to see which long gone decade, Fashion will set her beady eyes on. I don’t follow fashion trends but I am interested to see what the current styles are said to be all the rage by the powers that be. Sometimes, I find that I am on trend by default, for example, I love leather and stocked on lots of leather pieces last year only to find out it was ‘on-trend’, but then there are some fashion trends that I choose to like from afar as due to my personal style and/or body type, they are just not for me. Continue Reading… Continue reading…

Hair and Beauty

Stop Hair Breakage- How to Lock in Moisture to Prevent Hair Breakage

Stop hair breakage

Hey Peeps, I hope you had a good weekend. In last week’s post, I shared essential tips on how to grow back  your hairline and I mentioned that there were other factors involved to stop hair breakage and grow back one’s hairline. My post today focuses on hair breakage and is a continuation of my previous hair growth topic. This is because if you carry out my advice on how to restore your hairline and you do begin to see signs of growth, your hairline will fall out again if you do not lock in moisture to retain its growth. Continue Reading…

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