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Stop Hair Breakage- How to Lock in Moisture to Prevent Hair Breakage

Stop hair breakage

Hey Peeps, I hope you had a good weekend. In last week’s post, I shared essential tips on how to grow back  your hairline and I mentioned that there were other factors involved to stop hair breakage and grow back one’s hairline. My post today focuses on hair breakage and is a continuation of my previous hair growth topic. This is because if you carry out my advice on how to restore your hairline and you do begin to see signs of growth, your hairline will fall out again if you do not lock in moisture to retain its growth. Continue Reading…

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Photo Text – Caption This!

gothic style

Guuuurl (and boy, if you’re reading), today we are going to have fun, Fun, FUN! Most of you who read my blog are also on Instagram, so you know that even though a picture is worth a thousand words, it can be worth a whole lot more with the perfect caption. The right photo text or caption can increase the level of engagement one has with a picture. Continue Reading to give me a fab caption to the picture below…

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Hair and Beauty

How To Grow Back Your Hairline- Receding Afro Hairline Treatment

receding hairline treatment

Happy New Year Folks, how are you feeling after all your festive shenanigans? So it’s the start of a new year and with that comes a strong desire for fresh starts and improvements. With regards to the latter that can lead us to focus on all sorts of body goals. Today, I want to focus on hair goals. For a lot of you, damage caused to your hair by straightening hair chemicals, tight braids, back to back weaves et al has led to hair loss particularly around your edges. Continue Reading to get essential tips on receding afro hairline treatment and how I grew back my natural hairline.

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New Year’s Eve Party Dresses- How to Remix an Existing Dress for NYE

New Years Eve Party Dresses

New Year’s Eve is round the corner and a lot of you are browsing for New Year’s Eve party dresses. If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to starting the year right in a showstopper that doesn’t bleed your wallet. If you don’t want to splurge on a new dress for New Year’s and are searching for ways to remix an existing dress in your wardrobe to create the ultimate New Year’s Eve party dress, continue reading to get inspired… Continue reading…

Personal Style

Sexy Christmas Dress Up- Budget-Friendly Christmas Costume Tips

Sexy Christmas Dress Up

It’s 8 days to Christmas folks and one windy winter’s night whilst I listened to Eartha Kitt’s, ‘Santa Baby…’, I got an idea to do a fun and sexy Christmas dress up photo shoot. Crimbo is nigh and expectedly, fashion and beauty online platforms are awash with lots of ideas to make you shimmer, razzle and dazzle. That’s all well and good but today I want to give some inspiration to the women out there looking for budget-friendly Christmas costumes. For my ladies who have chosen to be naughty over nice this Christmas, this one’s for you. Continue Reading... Continue reading…

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