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#AccessoriesAreMyThing: How To Look Feminine With A Short Afro

Gold leaf hair comb with chains

Continuing with my #AccessoriesAreMyThing series, let me tell you a short story.  One night in Berlin, I found myself in the Ladies Toilets trying to make some sense of my lil’ Afro: you see water is to an Afro, what kryptonite is to Superman: It Destroys. So after a vigorous dance session, sweat tends to make my hair shrink, meaning I have to ‘Superman Dash’ into the loos to puff it out again (which often fails).

gold and silver earrings

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Personal Style

Keeping It Faux Real In A Black Faux Leather Skirt & Faux Fur Gilet

Most Personal Style bloggers at the moment are having style-gasms over the fact that Spring has supposedly Sprung.  Well for me,  the weather may be heating up, but it’s still cold enough where I need to wear a polo neck underneath my clothes, and I’m still reaching for my winter pieces to warm me up. After my last Go For Colour post, I thought I’d go the opposite way this week with an All Black ensemble, I’m just ker-azeeeee (erm, crazy) like that.

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