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Berlin Male Style Shots

As the title of this post suggests, here are some shots I have taken of various men in Berlin who caught my eye for one reason or the other-

Lukas Z- ‘My Dark Angel’ modelling preppy chic:

Servullo M– Artist Extraordinaire models The All Denim look.  And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love men in boots, the more Western/Vintage/Rock n Roll, the better-

Light of my Berlin Life- George M, shows how to look ‘summer fresh‘. PS love the khaki parka- it’s a summer/early autumn must-have for both men and women’s wardrobes:

And the rest-

Now this guy introduced himself to me by saying, ‘I am a very famous singer, and you have to take pictures of my photographer friend who is also very famous.’  Erm, right, anyone know this humble dude?

Cute Stripe and Blazer combo

I liked his trainers-

Personal Style

What Did You Wear To The C/O Berlin, 'Timeless Beauty, 100 years Of Fashion Photography' Exhibition?

On Friday, August 16th I went to the opening of the C/O Berlin, ‘Timeless Beauty, 100 years of fashion photography’ exhibition.  I had such a good time and it was one of those evenings where I was reminded of just how much I love this city.  For starters, I was put in an extremely good mood when I realised that, that evening, the exhibition was going to be free.  I have never actually been to an exhibition opening before (shocking in my line of work!), so I enjoyed the pomp and ceremony that went into the event which included drinks and food in the courtyard, a live band, speeches et al.

As for the exhibition itself, really, I should go again because although I was surrounded by amazing, moving and iconic images by trailblazing photographers like Lindbergh, Ritts and Ray; I kept prowling through the corridors of the building to take pictures of people.

Here are some of the people that caught my eye-

I’ll start with the lovely Hermano Silva, a fashion photographer friend of mine whose immense knowledge of photography led him to be my ‘Tour Guide Source’ of the evening-

What an attractive couple they made.  Bitch.

I am in the process of working on my Gay Men Vs Straight Men in Berlin post.  Why oh why, is it mostly the gay men that seem to be ambassadors of style in Berlin?

These pretty little things-

How cute is her backpack?

Seeing this man sporting his Burberry Prorsum S/S 12 Ankara print shirt kinda made my night.  For any man who is unsure of how to mix African prints with contemporary wear.  Get out your pen and paper.  Take notes.  This is how it’s done-

Of course I had to jump in and take pictures with him-

Now, Ladies and Gentle Ladies, if I was to go to the ‘other side’, she is the hand I’ll be reaching out for when I take that leap.  I found her unbelievably cool and sexy-

Now he reminded me of Weird Al-

U.S of Stylish A-

These ladies each had a certain Je ne sais quois-

P.s loooooved her-

I grew up watching a lot of 80s soft rock videos, and she reminded me of the numerous blondes I’d see in them wearing next to nothing bouncing all over the place-

Now it wouldn’t be a fashion event, if you didn’t see boys taking a lil’ something something from the girls-

Interesting couple-

Preppy Swagger-

And finally, here is singer, Domino werking it and giving me all kinds of photogenic precision (insert Finger Snap)-

Personal Style

How Berliners Do 60s Cool

Last weekend I was chilling with my friends in Club der Visionaere soaking up the rays when this vision in fire engine-red walked past me.  Now it was a Sunday, which should have been a day of rest so as hard as I tried to ‘let this one go’ and focus on the conversation I was having, I just couldn’t; the pull of her unique style was so strong that I found myself chasing after her to take pictures.  Luckily she obliged-

There are so many ways one can modernise a 60s inspired shift dress like the one she is wearing.

I love the way she chose to do it by taking the more laid back approach, which is evident from her loose chignon and easy to wear lace up brogues. The latter also give an edge to her dress as the boyish ‘geek-chic’ beauties ensure her ensemble is not entirely ‘prim and lady-like proper’-

With this ensemble it was all in the detailing, so here we see the modest front of this dress contrasts with the sexy peekaboo back

And how cool are these Jackie O sunglasses These retro accessories put the 60s stamp on her outfit fabulously

When it comes to style, I am all about Attention To Detail, the little things that some might miss if one only takes a fleeting glance, so I especially liked the little quirks this ensemble came with like her lashings of rings (I love the skull one!) and mismatched earrings

I gave Ms 60s Cool my business card in the end so if she happens to be reading this post- thank you so much for letting me interrupt your Sunday and take all these pictures- seeing you made my day!  Also I will be putting up the post with your friend next week Tuesday.

Personal Style

It Will Be All White On The Night

I was walking with a friend of mind down Torstrasse when I saw this stylish beauty and had to stop my friend in mid-sentence as I chased this White Light down the street so I could capture her with my camera.  If you read my blog, you will know that I have often lamented about not being able to see more ladies in Berlin dress with Pizzaz.  Well this lady proved me wrong, and sometimes being proved wrong can be a good thing-

How fab are those cute tuxedo shorts?

Her statement necklace was to die for-

It takes a brave soul to wear all-white, not to mention one that can afford the ‘wear once and then dry clean’ tag that comes along with this trend.  What do you guys think of her ensemble?

Personal Style

Berlin Street Style

Berlin Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2013 starts next week, and now more than ever, I am keeping my beady eyes open to see how people will be wearing their various ensembles this Summer.  As engaging as it is to watch models stalk the catwalks portraying the latest designer offerings, I love to see how ‘real people’ sashay down the streets portraying their own personal style.

Take my very stylish friend for example, we had made lunch plans and I was going to tell her to wear something with pizzazz as I would be taking pictures for my blog, but then I decided against giving her any warning, as I wanted to see what she would come up with on her own.  She didn’t disappoint-

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Bankabank (nickname!) at a birthday party I had gone to on my own.  I hadn’t known anyone at the party but as the music was so great (old school R&B tracks by the likes of Eve, Lil’ Kim, Dru Hill and the, ‘those were the fabulous days’ like), I was doing my thing and dancing away.  And as we shared the same love of that kind of music, and were not wall flowers, somehow we got to talking and I had a great time with her.

Speaking of dancing, Ms Bankabank has a great energy which she shows on the dance floor, so I especially loved this statement vest.  Anyone who knows me or has seen me on the dance floor knows that, ‘dancing is my thing’-

I also adored her oversized brown leather bag, which is the perfect accessory for a hot summers day.

Summer Tip- applying a summer-inspired nail polish hue like sugar-candy pink places your ensemble firmly in summery mode

Ms Bankabank also shows how an oversized, short-sleeved knit cardigan is the way to way to cover up this summer

And now the pièce de résistance- her earrings, which I pounced on the moment she got close enough to me, as they are soooo what I would wear.  Imagine my surprise and delight when she told me she had made them herself

So of course I asked to see if she had any other pieces to show me, which she did on her phone.  I won’t go into too much detail on the beauties I saw, as I would like to show them soon on my blog.  I am happy to report that Ms Bankabank said that all her friends get their first order for free- Woo hoo!

Ms Bankabank when the time comes, I will be styling your first online lookbook collection!

P.S I loved the grafitti on this wall!

So people, what kind of things will you be wearing to illustrate the fact that the summer season is upon us?  Statement vest tops?  Nail polish that POPS?  I’d love to know.

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