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Not too many moons ago I was in Lagos for a heartbeat, time was short but I knew I wanted to shoot my #LagosBoyMuse-Daniel- for another edition of He Got Style. Those who follow my blog know how much fun Daniel and I had the last time.

This time around Daniel and I faced more challenges. For starters, where Daniel was residing at the time did not have most of his wardrobe, so he had arranged for one of his designer friends to loan him some pieces.  However on the day, the designer did a Lindsay Lohan (flaked (Translation: fucked up) and Daniel called me saying, ‘Biki, I think we have to cancel the shoot.’ And I replied, ‘Get whatever you have, we are doing this!’

And do it we diggity did and in the same location as last time: Bogobiri- there are so many nooks n crannies in this Afrocentric rustic wonderland, I knew we would find some new backdrops to shoot.

Menswear shirt and shorts

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