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How To Do The Transparency Fashion Trend

Berlin Street Style

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Now back to the matter at hand: Peekaboo, Underwear worn as Outerwear, Sheer Fetish…Call the ‘Transparency Fashion Trend’ whatever you want, there’s No Diggity, No Doubt that this Dare-To-Bare Movement is here to stay.  I’ve always been about revealing what’s on the inside, well sartorially speaking anyway.   That added to the fact that I’m majorly into harness bras at the moment means that this summer, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Biki than you bargained for…

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Take a Walk On The Wild Side In Animal Print & Pleather

Cat Eye Quay Topshop Sunglasses

Ladies and Gentleladies, how was your weekend?  On Friday night, I dusted the cobwebs off my dancing shoes and had a bopping session in one of my old haunts in Berlin.  Do any of you have places like that?  A bar, club or hangout that you used to looove back in the day, until visiting it began to feel like forcing a square block down a circular hole…?

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