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Short Natural Hair Psychology – Where do you stand?

short hair psychology

Guuuurl, pull up a chair, put the kettle on and lets talk hair. When I did the Big Chop, I wrote a blog article titled, Does my Natural Short Afro Make me Look Ugly? and in it I talked about my hair journey and the frustrations and insecurities I felt with my short natural hair. In today’s post I want to give a short update about how I feel with my short natural hair and more importantly, when it comes to short hair psychology- I would love to hear from my readers who have short hair or short natural hair with regards to how they feel about it. Continue Reading… Continue reading…

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The One Where Your Good Friend Ghosts You

being ghosted by a friend

Ghosted by a friend? Quiet as it’s kept, I used to think that ghosting was something guys (translation- assholes) did, but over the years I’ve come to realise that this cruel trend doesn’t just exist in the dating world. Being ghosted by a friend can cause a lot of pain, Continue Reading to get some tips on how to cope with this experience…

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Receding Hairline Treatment – How to Grow Back Your Edges

Receding hairline treatment

“How to grow back receding hairline?” I am not surprised that this is a popular term typed into search engines. For a lot of you, damage caused to your hair by straightening hair chemicals, tight braids, back to back weaves et al has led to hair loss, particularly around your edges. I too have suffered from hairline loss and after trial and error, managed to grow it back.

Continue Reading to get essential tips on how to grow back a receding hairline.

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