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3 Spring Outfit Ideas to Recreate J-Lo’s Versace Look on a Budget

This year when it comes to spring outfit ideas, I’m turning to JLo’s ‘Versace circa 90s’ print looks for inspiration. But I’m doing it on a budget, let me show you how. Read more.

I love getting my wardrobe spring-ready, don’t you? Swapping heavier for lighter fabrics, pulling our your brights from the nether regions of your closet…Over the years, I’ve given you various spring outfit ideas, recommended classic trench coats as a staple spring item, and shared tips on how to transition effortlessly from winter to spring fashion.

This season I’m turning my sights to JLo. Let’s get into it.

Spring Outfit Idea 1 – Recreate ’90s-Versace’ bold and bright prints on a Budget

Since Jennifer Lopez wore Versace’s infamous green tropical print dress to the Grammy’s in 2000, she became the brand’s most recognisable brand ambassador. In this article, I’m focused on when she has worn Versace giving a nod to the house’s legendary 90s era when Gianni reigned supreme.

Jennifer Lopez in Versace T-shirt and print skirt.

Gianni Versace and supermodels in baroque print

Gianni with his girls in an assorted baroque print display of fabulousity!

Versace's baroque prints 2018

Donatella’s ode to Gianni’s epic 90s prints – Spring 2018 collection

I don’t have JLo’s budget. In fact, I will mos def need to swap smooth silk for poppn’ polyester. So when it comes to spring outfit ideas that involve capturing the essence of her ‘Look-At-Me-In-Versace-Prints’ vibe, I apply the same checklist I use when recreating any look.

  • Flesh out the main style themes – in this case, that would be bold and brassy baroque-style prints, prints drawn from Greek mythology and Roman culture…
  • Find a similar colour palette – here that would be, jewel tones like sapphire blues, ruby reds, amethyst purples, citrine yellows, and emerald greens

Shopping Tip – Rummage through vintage stores to find baroque-style prints for a fraction of the Versace price!

With this checklist in mind, I bought this matching ‘Versace-esqe circa 90s’ print jacket and matching shorts. It’s the best H&M outfit I have thus far!

In a Gianni Versace documentary I watched, I learned that he favoured about 20 different colours in one print. Bearing that in mind, I think the assorted print clashes in my outfit below are very on-brand, don’t you?

Colourful print matching jacket and shorts

As spring still brings with it a cool breeze, I layered my matching print set with a black bodysuit and statement tights. For footwear, I opted for gold faux snakeskin platforms. I believe JLo would approve.

Spring Outfit Idea 2 – Amp Up Your Accessory Stack Game

What was Coco Channel thinking when she uttered, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” “It is always better to be underdressed.”?!

To give off ‘JL0-Versace’ vibes, one must adopt the ‘More is More’ mantra. Necklaces, rings, bracelets – it’s all fair (accessory) game.

Gold plays a huge part in the 90s Versace-aesthetic and the great thing is high street stores like Zara do fantastic and affordable gold statement accessories. Getting gold accessories isn’t going to quite cut it though – it’s all in the styling.

When JLo wears Versace, more often than not she oozes ‘Jenny from the Block’ meets ‘Socialite in Manhattan’. Hip hop but make it royalty if you will.

Jennifer Lopez Versace blouse and leggings

Following JLo’s footsteps, I piled on my gold accessories – a dash of gold hoops here, a sprinkle of faux snakeskin platforms there. I believe JLo would approve.

Assorted gold necklaces, necklaces layering

Spring Outfit Idea 3 – Style with Confidence

The ultimate tip that will make you own your spring outfits is confidence. And when it comes to confidence, JLo really paved the way – after all, JLo was JLo before she became JLo. Yes, you read that right.

What I mean is that all through Jennifer Lopez’s career, she gave ‘I am that bitch’ energy. From her Fly Girl days in Livin’ Color’, to her ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ moment in Janet Jackson’s, ‘That’s the Way Love Goes’ music video to Puffy’s, ‘Been Around the World’ dance sequence – Jennifer Lopez owned every scene she was in.

JLo Before she was JLo – The Early 90s Years

JLo at Oscars 1998

JLo as JLo

Jennifer Lopez Versace Dress Met Gala 2019

One of the (few!) good things about getting older is watching the prison bars I fashioned (built out of my insecurities and caring what people thought) slowly dissolve allowing me to burst through my shackles of self-doubt. I would never have worn a spring outfit like this in my 20s or early 30s, but now I’m middle-aged, my attitude is ‘THIS is what I’m serving’!!

And like many old crones before me have said, I wish I’d come to this way of thinking earlier and given my body and I more grace. That being said, I’m happy to make up for lost time, and then some!

Versace-inspiration matching scarf prints

Until next time, Bisous!

Biki pictures – Photographer, Miriam Kolbe

JLo pictures courtesy of Vogue, Popsugar, InStyle

Location – Foto Style Berlin