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3 Types of Oversized Clothes for Your Winter Wardrobe

As we settle into winter, the desire to stay warm and comfortable in oversized clothes is immense. With the onslaught of a neverending lockdown season, get into this oversized clothing trend and learn the three staple oversized pieces you should own…

grey knit wool hat, scarf, and gloves

Oversized Clothing Trend

Over the years, oversized pieces have shaken off their reputation for being the lazy and unbothered clothes worn by moody teens to slouch around both indoors and outdoors. With intuitive styling, oversized clothes can morph into various vibes – edgy, chic, casual…

Designers are aware of the versatility oversized garments bring and are often keen to bring this loose aesthetic into their seasonal collections. This translates into cocoon jackets, exaggerated sleeves, slouchy knits, oversized collars, high-waisted voluminous trousers…

COVID- 19 has forced us into the realm of the ‘new normal’ and for a lot of us, this involves working from home. It’s no surprise that this change has led more women to gravitate towards this oversized clothing trend – opting for relaxed, oversized pieces to work in comfort in.

In this article, I’m going to focus on three oversized items every woman should own.

3 Oversized Staple Pieces

oversized clothing trend

1. Oversized Knit Cardigan

In my opinion, an oversized knit cardigan is a must for the cold, snowy, and rainy season. When putting this outfit together, I was inspired by creating a colour palette (in this instance grey and black), giving depth to my outfit by using different textures (e.g. leather, patent, and knits), and balancing proportions.

grey cardigan with buttons and black leather skirt

Dispel the notion that oversized clothes are frumpy by styling your outfit like a pro. For instance, my below the knee slim-fitted faux leather skirt gives an edge to my outfit, as does my black patent lace-up boots.

oversized clothes

oversized grey knit cardigan

2. Oversized Jumper Dress

What’s not to like about an eazy breezy oversized jumper dress? If you’re a bit skeptical or nervous about attempting the oversize clothing trend, this is one of the easier ‘large and in charge’ options to start with.

oversized grey jumper dressAn oversized sweater dress is a great go-to when you want a no muss, no fuss outfit – just pair it with a classic polo neck, warm tights and you’re good to go!

grey jumper dress with black gilet

The roomy fit makes it practical and a perfect autumn outfit for running errands or having a big and hearty meal with friends.

Depending on your mood, dress your oversized sweater dress up in heels or keep things casual with a pair of trainers.

3. Oversized Sweater

My oversized red and black sweater is one of the pieces I enjoy coming back to every winter season.

oversized black and red check sweater

In this outfit, I’m wearing my oversized sweater with a tube black skirt. It’s my way of doing an updated version of 90s grunge. What do you think?

oversized red and black sweater with embroided wool hat

An oversized sweater can also be worn with skinny jeans and a pair of chunky statement boots. For outerwear layering, you can also throw an oversized winter jacket over this look because the skinny bottoms will balance your outfit out.

black and red embroided bag

oversized gold and diamante cross earrings

Oversized Clothes – Don’ts

  • Don’t pair an oversized top (e.g. sweater) with a baggy garment below the waist. Instead, pair oversized tops with slim-fitted or tapered items. For example, skinny jeans or leggings. You see the key to the ‘oversized look’ is how to play with proportions, that’s how you avoid falling into the ‘shapeless and baggy’ trap that the oversized look often – mistakenly – gets a bad rep for.


  • Don’t buy clothes that are far too big for you – generally speaking, that’s more than two sizes but it really does depend on the garment. One must get the oversized silhouette just right or you will look like a schoolgirl who is still growing into her clothes. When deciding to buy an oversized piece, make sure there is some shape and structure to the relaxed fit.


  • Don’t cram too much in your oversized look. Even though I’m from the More is More tribe, with an oversized look – I’d advise on balancing out how much details you want to accentuate in your look. That is – an oversized look stuffed with piled-up accessories, textures, lengths et al is well – not a vibe.

Looking for Affordable Oversized Pieces to Buy?

Zara is often my go-to here, it often stocks oversized knit cardigans and plush jumper dresses.

Do you own any oversized clothes? If you do, how do you style them? Drop your comments in the box below, I’d love to know!


Credits – Look 1 and 2 photographed by Patricia Santos

Look 3 photographed by Irene Wissel