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5 Concert Outfit Ideas for Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour

Congratulations! You’ve scored a ticket for Beyoncé’s eagerly-awaited Renaissance tour which runs from May 10 to September 27. No diggity, no doubt you are pondering on the best concert outfit ideas to wear to meet your queen. I have some for you. Let’s get into it.

Chile, going to a Beyoncé is the event of the season. You know you best come correct! I would even say that most people are approaching what they wear to Bey’s concert with the same fervour a teen has when getting ready for their first school dance.

<Clears throat>I have the honour of getting my mitts on a highly coveted Renaissance ticket. I will be going to the queen’s concert in June and let me tell you getting ready for Beyoncé concert is a WHOLE experience. There’s hair, makeup, clothes, accessories et al to get in formation. So let’s get into Bey’s Renaissance looks and see what concert outfit ideas we can lift for inspiration.

The visuals that Bey released to support the release of her seventh studio album and the tracks themselves showcased a melting pot of different cultures – queer ball culture, 70s disco, house, bounce, techno… When it comes to translating these different genres into looks, I’ve taken it upon myself to flesh out two aesthetics: 70s Disco Queen and Sexy Black.

Beyoncé showcases these two themes fabulously in the below visuals, in fact, in the British Vogue cover shoot – perched on a horse circa ‘Bianca Jagger circa 1977’, she fuses both a 70s Studio 54 and statement all-black vibe.

Bey giving tribute to Bianca Jagger's 1977 iconic Studio 54 moment.

Bey giving tribute to Bianca Jagger’s 1977 iconic Studio 54 moment.

Whether you are a first-time concert goer or a seasoned concert pro, here are some concert outfit ideas to put your  modernise the Studio 54s era:

Concert Outfit Idea 1 – Slay in Silver

Beyonce in custom-made crystal bodysuit by Giannina Azar. Renaissance image

Bey in custom-made crystal bodysuit by Giannina Azar.

Girl in silver fringe sequins midi skirt

Do you dare wear silver from head to toe or do you want to sport lashings of it, while merging it with another colour? I chose the latter and paired my sequins fringe midi skirt with a blue bustier top.  For those who don’t want to dive into silver metallics head first, start small by wearing silver accessories instead. You’ll still have that razzle dazzle factor.

Concert Outfit Idea 2: Alien Superstar Vibez

Bey in black and gold cone corset by Schiaparelli

Girl in black and gold bustier with black leather skirt.Here’s where you get creative and conceptual. On being asked about the creative process she had when writing Renaissance during COVID, Bey explained that, “It was a beautiful journey of exploration.” So let’s explore sartorially peeps.

The Beyhive know that Bey loves an embellished Madonna-esque cone bra. Take a page out of Bey’s book and pair an embellished mini top with a structured skirt.

Concert Outfit Idea 3: Boogie in a Jumpsuit

Beyonce in 70s-inspired Gucci Gown Renaissance Era

Bey in 70s-inspired Gucci gown

Girl wearing black sequins and polyester jumpsuit.

Nothing gives of 70s ‘Boogie Wonderland’ vibes more than a sequins jumpsuit n’est ce pas?

Jumpsuits are a perennial fashion trend and can be found in stores season after season. That being said, I tend to gravitate towards vintage jumpsuits.

Concert Idea 4: Sexy Sheer Black

Beyonce in sheer body suit covered in black skirt.

Girl wearing sheer dress with shorts and bra.

It’s giving, “Driver, roll up the partition, please, I don’t need you seeing Yoncé on her knees…”.

Bring sexy back for Bey’s Renaissance concert by tossing a sheer black dress over a pair of incy-wincy shorts and lil’ top.

Concert Idea 5: Get Yo! Head Right

Beyonce in black silk bodysuit with feathered sleeves and oversized hat.

Beyonce in black silk bodysuit with feathered sleeves and an oversized hat.

Girl wearing silver beaded headpiece wig.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that headpieces have taken centre stage when it comes to polishing off the looks Beyoncé has served to promote her Renaissance tour. Get into the game by getting an embellished headpiece that’s comfortable and concert-friendly. That is a head accessory that doesn’t block the view of other concertgoers and will fasten securely to your head/hair.

This silver beaded wig from Amazon is a long-time favourite of mine.

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