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A Change Of Address

Morning Ladies and Gentleladies, if you Follow my blog, you’ll see my posts have fizzled out lately. Well that’s for two reasons: I’ve used all 3.0GB of my 3.0GB Media Gallery limit and can’t publish any more photos/posts (Boooooo!) and I’m currently building a new home for my blog with a graphic and techie dude, yes, that’s right: I’m moving to .com land. (YaaaY!)

I’m anticipating I can launch my new blog in the next 2 weeks. As it goes with these things, after the Big Move, extra tweaks will still need to be done to my blog.

I’m very excited to see the final results and share them with all of you.  To coincide with the launch I’ll also be releasing my first blog video which I shot last weekend.

I’ll be sharing the video on my Facebook Page, so if you haven’t already Liked it, you can do so here.

I also got some new business cards last week, what do you think?

Flat Lay Business Cards

It was a big step for me to put my picture on my business card. I got the idea from some of the blogger/vlogger business cards I’ve received where their faces/style were emblazoned boldly on their cards.  If you go online there’s a big’ol divided debate on whether putting your image on your business card is a Yay or Nay.  As these cards are mainly to push my blog, I see these cards as part of my branding, so for me it’s a Hell Yay!

PS the above pic is my first attempt of a Flat Lay, and I’d like to thank Vanessa for her fab How To Flat Lay Like A Pro article which helped me with this photo.  I still have a long way to go with this whole Flat Laying thang. I already kinda went against the rules as I don’t have a white surface but hey, for now my floorboards will be my Flat Lay play ground…

Have a good week y’all!