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Accessories For The Sienna Miller In You

I recently did a 70s inspired shoot and whilst I was pulling accessories from various press offices, I couldn’t help but notice how ‘Boho, Sienna Miller’ they were.  It has been stated recently that Sienna Miller now hates her style been described as ‘boho’, but there was a time when she was the poster child of all that was Bohemian.

Courtesy of Allaboutstyle. blog

The bohemian style refers to a state of mind regarding fashion as being eclectic, free-spirited, romantic and individual.  Sienna translated this definition into wearing predominantly floaty printed pieces, layered garments, leather satchels, long, assorted gold jewellery, cowboy hats and many more boho-inspired pieces.

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For my 70s inspired shoot, I felt that the below wooden soled platforms courtesy of Scholl, fit in very nicely with the theme-

How nicely would the above shoes have matched her below dress?-

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My favourite accessory pulls were the jewellery (A-Zone) and it broke my heart to return them, and seeing Sienna Miller in the below, layered gold necklaces– I am sure she would have been a fan too-

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This multi-coloured stones pendant was my favourite-

How great is the above feather necklace?

And lastly Sienna Miller in her now older and pregnant state may now favour ‘tailored pieces’, but the rest of the fashion world will always remember her as one of the ‘Ladies in the Spotlight’ who set a distinct bohemian trend, and with this decidedly romantic, free-spirited front cover, I’m sure Vogue would agree