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#AccessoriesAreMyThing: Must-Have Short Hair Accessories

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Now back to the matter at hand- y’all didn’t think I’d forgotten about my #AccessoriesAreMyThing series did you?  Shorthaired Folk, I’ve got your back: Continue Reading…

Dimante Ear CuffToday I’m showing you one of the ways I like to pimp my short Afro: with ‘Look At Me’ hair combs.  When it comes to accessories, I gravitate more towards gold, but every now and then a Diamante meets Bling piece can stop me in my tracks…

I also like to pair my diamante floral comb with this Razzle Dazzle ear cuff. Speaking of ear cuff earrings, now I have short hair, I’m kinda obsessed with them: my only beef is I find they either fall off too easily or pinch my earlobe and hurt like the very devil after a short while.  Does anyone else have this problem? So why do I bother with them: coz erm, they look so cooool. And erm, I think they elongate the neck, which is a rather attractive feature when one rocks short hair. Erm.

diamane ear cuffThe necklace I’m wearing is from the fab Accessories & Clothing online store, Tessies.  They gifted it to me last year and I display it in my flat like a piece of art.  I’d love to be able to travel far and wide buying jewellery from all corners of the globe and hang them on my walls…

Statement Ear CuffIn a nutshell for any of you rocking Short Afro/TWAs or have short hair in general, if not having locks to seductively fan your face makes you feel more Girl meets Boy as opposed to a WO! Man: invest in statement hair combs, ear accessories and necklaces that highlight your face and overall appearance.

Ultra-feminine accessories like these are like taking a mighty dose of oestrogen and progesterone: Try it!

Dimante Floral Hair CombsHave a good week y’all!


Photographer: Patricia Santos


Diamante Hair Comb: Kinda Similar, Ear Cuff Earrings: Kinda Similar, Tribal-inspired necklace: Tess Kinda Similar