My One-Off Naija Dance Fitness Class Goes Down On Sunday, 21st August!

Hey Peeps, hope everyone had a good weekend, what did y’all get up to? Ok, now back to me! If you Follow my blog you’ll know a few weeks back, I mentioned I’d be giving a one-off Naija Dance Fitness master class (mouthful, I know!!) in Berlin. Well children, the time for my Dance Aerobics Workout debut has come! Also, if you keep up with my blog’s Facebook page antics, you’ll know that I released some short videos of me busting a groove. Weeeeell, this is what it was all for. Continue Reading to get all the details of the class…

African Dance Aerobics Workout

What kind of African Dance Aerobics Workout is Naija Dance Fitness? Why am I doing this one-off masterclass? Watch my 2 short teaser videos and find out.

Part 1

Part 2

Details of the class

When? Sunday 21st August 2.30 – 3.45
Where? Studio 1, Flying Steps studio: Lobeckstr.30-35, 10969 Berlin (Nearest UBahn: Mortizplatz)
Who can attend? It’s for Women Only Y’all! It’s a total Girl Power, Female Empowerment, Female Bonding thang!!
Cost? 7 Euros
What to bring? Apart from shit loads of energy: water, towel (to dry of the sweat!) and a floor mat or material to do stomach exercises
What to wear? Whatever gives you freedom of movement!

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Doing this class is a total dream come true, not to mention one of the things I put on my 2016 Goals List. If you know me, you’ll know that dancing brings me so much joy. And the opportunity to pass some of the happiness I feel when I move to others…well, I can’t wait.

As I said in my videos, in no way am I a professional or trained dance teacher, but my class ain’t about that: it’s about cardio, learning more about your body and listening to some great Naija tunes while you’re at it!

See you there!

Till Soon


Pictures: Tainted Lens Photography