Grey Velvet, Lagos: My Go-To Store for Affordable African Fashion Style

It’s been more than a minute folks, but here I am! I was in Lagos earlier on this month for my mother’s 70th birthday bash.  One of the things I enjoy doing when I’m in the motherland is visiting one of my favourite fashion stores, Grey Velvet. It’s my one-stop destination for African fashion style. And what’s more, unlike some fashion boutiques in Lagos, it’s actually affordable! Continue Reading…

African Fashion Style

What is African Fashion Style?

I don’t believe there is a definitive answer to this question. One of the reasons for this is- unlike what the international press would have us believe- Africa is not a country but a continent. This means styles and tradition vary depending on whether you are in the North, South, East or West.

That being said, I do believe there are some features in an ensemble that give it an African flair.

Take this outfits I tried on recently in Grey Velvet for example,

African Fashion Style

Blouse: Belois Couture | Skirt: Frankie & Co.

African fashion style

Top: Frankie & Co. | Skirt: Frankie & Co.

These outfits show that African fashion style can:

  • Be contemporary/modern
  • Fuse western and African fashion (If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I like to pair my Ankara skirts with t-shirts)
  • Be wearable
  • Be more than colourful prints

African fashion style can also be subtle and not tick the box of what the public have come to deem as ‘African’.

For example, the skirt I am wearing below is by African label, FIA. At first glance it doesn’t look like what’s been commonly termed as African fashion. That is to say, there is no look-at-me wax fabric (e.g. Ankara print).

African women fashion

Skirt: FIA

However, African designers work with many types of textures to bring their designs to life: lace, Kente (Ghana), Adire (Nigeria), bark cloth, mud cloth etc.

Buy African Fashion

When it comes to African fashion, I believe one of the factors that would make our industry improve  is putting our money where our mouths are.

That’s why when I’m in Lagos, no matter how short my trip is, I find my way to Grey Velvet.

When I visited the store earlier this month, I floated away happily with the pencil skirt and print crop top above. Both were on sale for N3,000 each.

N6,000 works out at about £12, that’s a steal folks!

African Fashion Designers

Here are some other fab pieces that I’d like to own at Grey Velvet.

I wanted to buy the blue sister of this blouse (seen in first image) soooo bad. I still think about it from time to time. Definitely the blouse that got away, sniff, sniff…

Blouse: Belois Couture

J’adore the silhouette and colour of this dress.

Dress: Ejiro Amos Tafiri

How would you wear these bubblegum pink culottes: with the shirt dress or peekaboo blouse?

Shirt dress: ADA by Alter Ego Culottes: Frankie and Co.

Blouse: Marymaii Culottes: Frankie and Co.

One of the most popular phrases back home is, ‘No Wahala’ (i.e no problem/no worries). I saw it imprinted on cards, cushions, clothes…

I wanted this dress like a fat kid loves cup cakes, it’s midi length and fitted as F.

Dress: Kiki Kamanu

A perfect example of contemporary African fashion style.

T-shirt: Lago Laid Back (LLB) | Skirt: Frankie and Co.

Grey Velvet is a luxury boutique that stocks womenswear and accessories from Africa’s finest.

Browse their online store here, and note that as well as shipping within Africa, they cater to International markets in Europe and America. Keep updated on their latest arrivals via their Instagram.

Which is your favourite Grey Velvet outfit? Do tell, I’d love to know.

Till soon,


All images featuring models are courtesy of Grey Velvet