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All Black Outfit Ideas – How to Stand Out Wearing this Perennial Trend

If you think wearing all black is boring, permit me to change your mind. This monochromatic hue can take on many forms: seductive, aloof, powerful, elegant, sinister… As the weather continues to plummet, more people are venturing into the dark side of their closets. Oh yes, there’s comfort to be found in black. Continue Reading to get different all black outfit ideas…

All Black Outfit Ideas

all black outfit ideas

Black sells. That’s #RetailFacts. According to Quartzy,

“In a recent analysis of more than 183,000 dresses retailing online in the US, retail technology firm Edited found that about 38.5% were some shade of black, making it by far the most common color available.”

Retail expert, Kate Smith, believes that black’s popularity in stores can be attributed to the fact that many designers use black to “try to establish longevity of their ranges, and appeal to a wider customer base.”

Black goes the distance because it compliments every body type, skin tone and remains timeless. Through decades and trends, whether demand for this non-colour fades, people always go back to black.

Season after season, designers find new ways to incorporate black into their collection. On the autumn/winter 2018 runway, luxury designers presented an abundance of all black outfit ideas.

Loewe showed us how to pair a  black  button down leather dress with  black slim-fit trousers. Saint Laurent sent a model down the runway in a voluminous black cape and black stomping boots. Naomi Campbell sashayed down the catwalk in a black monogrammed Louis Vuitton trench coat and hiking boots.

There is an art form to wearing all black, if you miss the mark, an all black outfit can make you look dowdy and frumpy and where’s the fun in that? If fashion shows are anything to go by, fashionistas have sussed out how to make this non-colour their fashion uniform.

Luckily, you don’t need to work in fashion to learn the tricks of the trade. Here are my tips on the various ways you can elevate an all black outfit.

Back to Black

all black outfit

Mix Textures

This is a must when wearing an all black outfit. Mixing different black textures in your all black ensemble will ensure you look anything but like a Plain Jane. With my all black look, I paired my peekaboo black lace with a black cotton tube skirt.

Play with Proportions

This is another way to keep your all black outfit interesting. When playing with proportions,  remember to deal your cards according to your body type and highlight your favourite parts. For example, if you are petite, it’s best to stay away from a voluminous black top and slim fitting trousers. Such a look would compliment someone with long legs.

Accessories Maketh the Outfit

When it comes to jewellery, black is a great backdrop to highlight metallics. With my look, I decided to go for gold. Personally, when I wear an all black outift, I turn to statement jewellery like a look-at-me necklace. These add-ons tend to give a monochrome look depth.

gold statement necklace

Show some Skin

Yes, black can be slimming but if you wear it the wrong way it can also make you look frumpy or heavier. Wearing an all black outfit that shows some skin will make your look less stark. A nasty but classy display of skin keeps things interesting ladies ( ;

Add a Dash of Print or Colour

Injecting colour or print into your all black outfit will keep you from looking like a long-lost relative of the Addams Family. It’s also an attractive way to break up an all black outfit. I wore my black outfit with a pair of triple buckle leopard print shoes.

There are several ways to add pizzazz to an all black ensemble. My all black outfit ideas are guidelines but the list is not exhaustive.

Do you have any other tips to add? How do you like to wear black?

Body Confidence

sexy all black outfits

Before I roundup this post, I wanted to say a few words about body confidence. I am not an expert in the subject and like many women, I have my body hangups.

However, I’ve realisesd that as I’ve got older I’ve given less of a f~@! about my imperfections. Also, I’ve learnt how to celebrate and accentuate the parts I like.

I know I have more legs and thighs than a bucket of KFC chicken but when I wear this figure-hugging outfit, I revel in it.

I even emphasised my shape by punctuating my outfit with my gold belt chain. Oh yes, my hips don’t lie.

I also love collecting bras with racy details and got this sensuous number from Ann Summers. It’s too good to be hidden underneath my clothes, so I rock it with peekaboo tops. I always feel like a w-o-m-a-n when I wear this bra.

What makes you body confident? Do tell I’d love to know.

Till Soon,


leopard print shoes

all black sexy outfits

Photographer: Sabrina von Heide


Top: Zara, Skirt: Tobi, Shoes: Office, Belt: Peekaboo Vintage