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All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go – Lockdown Winter Edition

Creativity has always been a mode of escapism for me – a way to create my own reality. Well, COVID-19’s seemingly neverending lockdown season inspired me to create this ‘All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go’ winter fashion editorial with my stylish partner in crime. We’re serving you a platter of nonchalant glamour – won’t you take a bite?

Look 1

all dressed up and nowhere to go

This winter, just because you’re stuck indoors during lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t go all out.

silver sequins dress

striped sequins dress Zara

Whilst the blustery winds are howling outside, find something fun to do at home. Whether it’s listening to your favourite music or having a glass of your favourite beverage – do it in razzle dazzle, Studio 54-inspired, and embelllished style.

Look 2

fashion photoshoot in bathroom

A jumpsuit will never go out of style, neither will pairing a bold leopard print piece with ‘wet look’ textures like patent, PVC, or leather.

Who says playing dress-up is a game just for kids? During this pandemic find healthy, safe, and fun ways to amuse yourself. For me, that involves donning a bead-dazzled wig of sorts ( ;

Black sequins jumpsuit

Look 3

80s ball gown

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Why keep your Sunday Best for a ‘special occassion’ when we don’t know what may come tomorrow? For ladies who like an all-black look that’s anything but basic – punctuate your monochrome style with a fiery red pout and a slick bun.

bralette and black wet look trousers

If you favour an 80s glam moment -wear a gown reminiscent of  Diahann Carroll’s uber-glam look as Dominique Deveraux in Dynasty.

80s purple and black dress

Adjusting to 2021…

Here in Berlin, the lockdown is tighter than ever and we’ve all never started a year like this before. How does one keep the faith? How do we stay motivated, maintain our mental, spiritual, and physical health?

Everyone will have a different coping mechanism – for me the arts remains a go-to. My body may be trapped indoors, but being creative gives me a virtual passport to travel the globe and go back in time. As you can see, I favor going back to the 70s and 80s ( ;

Before my current job in Content & SEO, I was a full-time stylist and writer in London. One of my highlights from this time of my life was creating and executing fashion editorials for magazines. I love to use clothes as a medium to tell stories.

That’s why I really enjoyed the process of putting this small, tongue in cheek shoot together.

A big thank you to Lea who not only helped me bring my vision board to life by appearing in the shots and styling herself – but she also granted usage of her fabulously eclectic flat.

If you have any personal projects of your own coming up to make Ms Rona more bearable, do share in the comments section.

Also, which is your favourite look – Look 1, 2, 3?

Happy New Year!

All dressed up and nowhere to go


Photographer – Claudia Araujo

Bhaddies – Lea et moi

Clothes – Our own dhhharling (and we styled ourselves so each look would be true to who we izzzzz)