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Take a Walk On The Wild Side In Animal Print & Pleather

Ladies and Gentleladies, how was your weekend?  On Friday night, I dusted the cobwebs off my dancing shoes and had a bopping session in one of my old haunts in Berlin.  Do any of you have places like that?  A bar, club or hangout that you used to looove back in the day, until visiting it began to feel like forcing a square block down a circular hole…?

Anyhoo, back to fashion, I’m so happy that I can now show y’all the pieces/brands rocking my world at the moment.  Ok. So. As you know I’m heavily into prints, I recently discovered this fab Welcome To The Jungle-esque blouse on, I love it because it is animal/nature-inspired, but not in the usual leopard etc print.  If you look closely at the blouse, you can make out the tiger’s head poking out from underneath the leaves…I’m also all about the brown, grey and black tones.

I thought I’d play on the feline vibes of the blouse by pairing it with these Cat-Eye sunglasses and thin leopard print belt.

Animal Print Blouse

BTW has blogging changed your style?  For me, I’d say blogging hasn’t altered my style but it’s certainly made an impact on the way I shop.  My new Sunglasses Obesession was definitely sparked by following certain fashion bloggers. I thought they looked so damn cool and it was a great way not to have to do eye make-up for a blog shoot, Haha!

Multi Coloured Satchel Bag

I had so much fun taking these shots, the sun was blaring, so it felt like I kept trailing puddles of make-up behind me and as my friend Patricia, was snapping away, we were constantly interrupted by people trying to go about their business. But you know what? I’ve missed all of the highs and lows that come with location shooting and I’m happy to be Back In The Game!

Have A Good Week Y’All! Bisous

Photographer: Patricia Santos

High Waist Midi Skirt

Black and Gold Block Heel Shoes


Statement Rings Bracelets

Silver and Gold Statement Earrings

Sheer Leaf Print Blouse

Blouse and Midi Skirt

Credits: Cat Eye Sunglasses: Quay, Topshop (Similar), Hair Piece: I AM (Sold Out), Earrings: Topshop (Sold Out), Animal/Jungle Print Blouse: Peekaboo Vintage: Asos Marketplace (Kinda Similar), Pleather Skirt: Vintage, Jewellery: Gifts, Shoes: Zara, Thin Belt: Gift, Bag: Accessorize (Similar)