Supporting Black-Owned Female Businesses – La Case Paulette Collaboration

Be inspired by Ankara styles in my latest collaboration! I go hard for black-owned, up-and-coming businesses run by women. Today, I’m excited to show you my creative collaboration with the ladies behind the French concept store, La Case Paulette. Continue Reading…

What is La Case Paulette?

Ankara styles

La Case Paulette is a concept store that does what the French do best – fashion, art, and food. The ladies behind it are two French sisters, Audrey and Anne-Cécile. They were born in La Réunion and lived in Continental France until they travelled to Berlin,  fell in love with it, and now it’s where they call home.

Earlier this summer, the duo ran a unique pop-up store in Kreuzberg. At the end of July, its colourful doors closed but don’t despair as the ladies plan to find a permanent address to grow their creative and business goals.

The store will be much more than a place to buy accessories, clothes, art, and food. It will be a cultural hub that celebrates France’s diversity. A melting pot of events,  concerts, workshops, art performances, after-work drinks…La Case Paulette will grow a community.

Ankara Styles – Get Dressed in La Case Paulette Pieces

ankara styles for women

Definition of Ankara fabric – It’s a colourful print fabric made out of 100% cotton. Although it was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market, the versatile print has come to be largely associated with African countries because we took the style in our stride and wove it into our culture.

Ankara prints have also evolved, no longer constricted to adorning cotton, you can find the vibrant patterns imprinted on other fabrics like silk, chiffon and even spandex.

ankara styles

Ankara styles come in all sorts and when it comes to summer prints, I believe if you are into eye-catching and vibrant patterns, you should own a piece.

The great thing about this wax print is that it can be dressed up and down, you can wear it from head to toe or you can fuse it with other styles like streetwear.

Tips on how to Make this Trend Your Own

ankara styles for women

  • When it comes to cute summer dresses, you can’t go wrong in African prints. Audrey shows you can look great styling your Ankara print dress with heels or trainers.


  • For minimalists or women who aren’t cray cray about wearing an abundance of colourful print, Anne-Cécile shows that Ankara accents can go a long way. Her striped jumpsuit comes with a skinny Ankara-print belt. The print is also highlighted on the collar.


  • As for me, I envisioned myself as a New York, Boogie-in-da-Bronx kinda girl when I put my look together. My outfit reflects an eclectic melting pot of cultures – the customised denim jacket gives a nod to streetwear, my raffia earrings and heels punctuate the African-inspired vibes…

ankara styles

La Case Paulette sells more than colourful African-inspired prints – if you are more into muted or monochrome-hues, the upcycled pieces fashioned by Clémence de Lafosse are sure to hit the spot.

Support Small Black-Owned Female Businesses

ankara styles

I’m very passionate about supporting young and emerging female professionals. Especially if the women are black and working in fields that I’m passionate about and gravitate towards naturally. This is why I was motivated to do this La Case Paulette collaboration with Audrey and Cécile. The fashion and art side of their store pulled me in.

As an Afropolitan creative, I love to see fellow minorities rise and shine in their creative fields. Yes, it’s great to tick the ‘security boxes’ of Medicine, Law, Finance, and the like, but I’m always drawn to and have a natural affinity with people who want to make a living in the Arts.

Another reason why I believe it’s important to support up-and-coming black businesses is because in my early 20s, I left the security of law and a legal job to jump into the uncertain and murky waters of fashion as a freelance stylist and writer. At the time I was an emerging creative and my talent did lead me to book good editorial and commercial jobs – however, I would have had financial success if I had attained more support and promotion from a like-minded community.

Shop. Talk. Eat. Bond.

ankara styles for women

The sisters’ pop-up store may be closed but the spirit of La Casa Paulette still lives on, so if you are interested in seeing more of what the store has to offer, have a look at their Instagram Page.

If you see any pieces you’d like, send a DM and one of the sisters will get back to you tout suite!

african style


Me – Neva top wax by ATELIER BEAUREPAIRE

Customised and hand-painted denim jacket by Dource000

Cécile – Eyelet Hickory striped jumpsuit by ATELIER BEAUREPAIRE

Audrey – Alisa Blueheart dress by ATELIER BEAUREPAIRE

Photographer – Vitalii Soroka

And can I just say, I love Vitallii’s work here – it’s great when your work with a photographer that adeptly brings your creative vision to life!

Concept creator and style direction – Biki John