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Ask Biki: How Do I Get A Fashion Magazine Editorial Internship?

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I recently got this lovely email (word for word) from a girl (German) who assisted me during a Berlin-based fashion shoot I styled for JNC (print magazine based in Germany).

For privacy reasons, I have hidden certain names, but everything else stands…

Hello Biki,

I thank you very much for your conversation with xxxx xxxx from the Superior Magazine! I applyed as an “editor intern” and know I got the chance to write articles and infos about fashion, Berlin hotspots and maybe I can work as styling/shooting assistent for them 🙂
So thank you very much! I wish you the best.
Kind regards,
xxxx xxxxx
This email prompted me to write a post to give advice to those seeking out an editorial internship at a fashion magazine.  And my advice is strictly based on how ‘Ms X’ got her internship.  Those who are seeking/applying for magazine fashion internships know there are many ways to skin that cat, but I’m focusing on giving tips based on how Ms X got her internship, so you can add that to the many things I’m sure you are doing.
A bit of a background story to how I came to receive this email is: after my JNC fashion shoot where I met/worked with Ms X, she stayed in contact with me by sending me emails asking if I had any fashion shoots coming up she could assist on.
I did let her know that I was focusing on other sectors of fashion, and didn’t spend as much time in Berlin anymore, but that when I was in Berlin, I would let her know if and when anything came up.  Now, most people would have stopped contacting me, but Ms X didn’t. More importantly, her tone was always polite and sweet.
So this year, when she emailed me, although I had no fashion shoots lined up, I was so impressed by her consistence that when I was having a meeting with the editor-in-chief of SUPERIOR magazine (Berlin-based), I brought up Ms X, asking if the mag had any internship availabilities.  When he replied in the affirmative, I told him of Ms X, and told him to look out for her email.  I then gave Ms X his email address to contact him with and the rest is …
Based on Ms X, my advice to magazine internship seekers are:
1) Assist a fashion stylist. Why? More often than not, fashion stylists have good relations with fashion magazines and can always refer you, providing you’ve done a good job whilst assisting them.
2) After you’ve finished assisting a stylist on a shoot, make sure you stay in regular contact with them asking if you can be of help in the future.  And here like, Ms X, you have to be persistent and patient. A lot of busy stylists get dozens of emails from stylist assistants.  To stand out, I suggest you send regular emails keeping things polite and straight to the point.  I would also advise to keep up to date with that particular stylist’s latest work, so you can butter them up with praise.  This goes a longer way than you sending them images of your latest work.
3) There are many ways to get in touch with top stylists, one way is to assist at a fashion show as a dresser. Ms X met me as she was one of the dressers for the launch of Africa Fashion Day Berlin (a partnership with the official sponsors of Berlin Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz).  I was head stylist of the event.
Another good way is to research the top creative agencies in your district, find out which stylists they represent and then make nice with your Search Engine to find out the stylist’s contact details so you can message them directly.  In my day this would be via email, but now you can use Twitter, Facebook, the stylist’s blog etc. This is much better than contacting the agency, as your email is very likely to be ignored.
Best of luck Ms X!