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As Maxine poured her favourite blend of scented oils into her bath, she breathed deeply in an attempt to let the delicate blend of aromas calm her incensed senses. But it was of no use, all she could think was, ‘He’s a dead man’.


She also wanted to punish him that much harder because he had been so unforgivably cliché with his betrayal.  If he was going to defecate all over their relationship, he could at least have had the common courtesy to be creative about it.

Black Jacket and TrousersRevenge wasn’t best served cold, it was best served wearing a black ripped knit dress and killer heels…

Black Knit Maxi DressAs the day went on Maxine conjured up a plan.  She knew exactly where to hit him where it hurt and she knew just the man who would only be too happy to co-star in her latest rendition of Dangerous Liasons.  He may be her husband’s younger brother, but he had made it very clear that he more than willing to get to know her in the biblical sense and now he was going to get the chance.

marie11Whilst her husband had strayed outside to break their marriage vows, Maxine was going to keep it in the family.  Quite literally.

marie25As she sauntered down the stairs to unleash her plan, she felt the delicate lace of her lace-ups rub between her thighs causing a thrilling friction.  With each descent, she felt her emotions flail helplessly further down the rabbit hole but she didn’t care.  ‘An eye for an eye…’ she thought to herself and as her husband’s face flashed before her, she smirked and whispered, ‘Happy Valentines Baby’.


Model: Marie G-R

Photographer, Stylist and Story writer: Biki J

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Black Harness Bra (similar): Très Bonjour, Black jacket and trousers: Isabell De Hillerin, Black ripped knitted dress:École Boutique, Black skirt with traditional macramé: Isabell De Hillerin, Black Jumpsuit: Isabell De Hillerin, Silk blouse: Laend Phuengkit

Hey guys, a little background to this Valentine Story, I shot it in 2014 and had a lot of fun doing so.  One of the highlights was getting the opportunity to work with a very talented friend of mine, Marie (side note: she assisted in making the harness bras she’s wearing in the story).  Whilst preparing to shoot this story, I was greatly inspired by legendary photographer, Ellen von Unwerth, I adore her kitsch retro black and white Femme Fatale editorials.  I would love to style an editorial with her…tsigh…

Have any of you watched the 90s classic, The Last Seduction with Linda Fiorentino?  If you havn’t, do so ASAP, it’s one of the best Femme Fatale movies ever made and I was inspired by that too…

Side note: all designers listed are German-based designers.  I’m especially a fan of  École Boutique and Très Bonjour.

Anywho,when I shot this story I didn’t shoot it with an intent of making it a Valentine Story or building an actual  story around it, but one of the great things about having this blog is I get to try out new things.  One of the reasons I got into styling was to tell visual stories: I wanted to create characters that…have cinematic results….and not being a full-time stylist anymore (by choice) means I don’t have the opportunity to do that, and I do miss it from time to time.

But perhaps I can tell visual stories on my blog, what do you think? Which is your favourite image from the story?

And back to you: In the last few weeks there have been so many Valentine-themed articles (tips on makeup & hair, what to wear, read, eat, breathe… AAARGGH!!) So I’m interested to know what you plan on wearing? And what will you be wearing whilst you are doing who you are doing? Ok I’ll stop.

Happy Vali Dizzle!