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Look Extra AF During the Winter Season – Invest in a Big Fur Coat

Faux fur coats are the Alexis Carrington of outerwear- the Queen B and by B, I mean B-I-T-C-H. A big fur coat makes a luxurious statement. And as you navigate through the blistering and unforgivingly cold winds during the winter season – a faux fur coat should be your go-to outerwear. Continue Reading…

Tips on How to Wear a Big Fur Coat

big fur coat

Faux fur coats come in different styles, colours, and sizes. As a result, you can dress them up or down depending on whether you want to lay low or shut that shit down.

Manage the Proportions of Your #OOTD

vintage faux fur coat

This would be my number 1 tip. Worn correctly, an oversized coat can make you look ultra-glamorous/ like the rich rock chick who’s forever (sleeping) with the band. However, one false move and you will look like the Michelin Man. My advice? As more than half of your silhouette will be oversized avoid matching your oversized fur coat with baggy or oversized pieces from the waist down. Instead, keep the rest of your look slim fitted or streamlined.
So for example- pair your big fur coat with skinny jeans or trousers, slim-fitting over-the-knee or knee boots…catch my drift?


biker boots

Pick out the primary colours in your faux fur coat and highlight them throughout your look. This will give your outfit a story that has a clear beginning, middle and end. So for example, because my big fur coat is white, grey and black. I carried the black theme in my wool hat, skirt and boots.


A maxi fur coat screams ‘chic’, ok? So, your accessories need to be part of that choir. I complimented my look-at-me faux fur coat with a pearl-embellished wool hat and snakeskin bag. What do you think of the combo?


maxi fur coat

Your footwear really helps to set the tone of your look when you wear a big fur coat. For example, at nighttime, you may choose to pair your maxi fur coat with glitzy shoes. However, during the day you can dress down your fur coat by wearing trainers, DM’s…I chose to rock mine with my black and gold studded mid-calf boots.

And now over to you

oversized fur coat

How do you wear your fur coat- oversized or mid-length? Do you tend to dress it up or down? Do tell in the comments, I’d love to know.

Till Soon,
Faux fur coat- Vintage, Skirt- Peekaboo Vintage, Tights- Calzedonia, Wool hat and bag- Zara, Boots- Kurt Geiger
Photographer– Sabrina Von Heide