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How To Do 80s-Inspired Leather and Lace in Summer

Whilst black lace and leather may not be the sartorial choices one automatically thinks of during the summer, there are lots of fun ways to rock 80s-inspired leather and lace looks when the sun goes down.

Music inspires my style a great deal and if you Follow my blog, you’ll remember that in my Dear Prince article I mentioned his protégé: Vanity aka Denise Matthews. From watching her music videos, live shows and what she wore to interviews, its clear to see she enjoyed her sexuality and let it shine through in tight leather, lace, sheer pieces et al. Last week I went to an art exhibition and as I was dressing up, I had her group’s (aka Vanity 6) iconic ‘Nasty gal’ video on repeat.  Continue Reading to see how I channelled her 80s stylish essence into my outfit…

80s inspired leather and lace looks

Look at any 80s video and you are bound to see a leather look thrown in for good measure, hell Michael Jackson turned the trend on its head with his fab red leather jacket in Thriller.

I believe that to recreate an 80s-inspired look using leather and lace, the key pieces should be your jacket and skirt (trousers would work as well, but I prefer skirts). With those 2 pieces nailed, any well-fitted lace top is bound to work well with the outfit.

Black Floral Crown

So focusing on my skirt, I had some decent options as I’m slowly but surely building a leather skirt collection. For the night, I opted for this one because the slim fit and daring split at the front made it very 80s Hair Band Rock Star Vixen-friendly.

For the jacket, I knew it was all in the shoulders and I needed one with that classic Balmain Statement Shoulder edge, so I paired my skirt with a jacket I got from ReSales, a fab vintage store that has a great range of decently priced leather jackets. I believe this one cost about 20 euros. BARGAIN! Don’t you love the tartan lining you see below?


Black Lace Top

Statement Silver and gold necklace

A statement necklace with razzle dazzle factor is a good way to uplift an all noir outfit, so I chose this mixed metal piece.

To crown the look, I put my raven-black oversized floral crown in the mix and with this look I present thee: fetish meets fashion in a contemporary gothic movie about the 80s.

80s inspired leather and lace look

PS The exhibition was titled, ‘A Master of Fan Art’ and the artist behind it was Berlin-born, Hagen Vogel. Through a series of oil paintings, he portrayed his heroes and influences from both high culture and pop.

PPS Can you see my hair has grown an incy wincy bit? I’m excited about it! I’m also loving the textured look it has at the moment, i.e. not properly combed look. My plan is to do a video on how I grew my hairline and how I achieve this look soon…

Are any of you inspired by 80s fashion? Do you love to rock leather? Do tell, I’d love to know!

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Statement floral crown: Stephaieverafter, Black lace top: Similar, Black skirt: Similar,  Vintage jacket: Similar, Shoes: Zara (Sold out)