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Black Tie Dress Code: 3 Style Tips for Your Formal Evening Dress

The end of the year is nigh peeps and the party season is drawing to an end. During the Razzle Dazzle season and beyond, it’s likely you’ll be invited to a formal invite with a black tie dress code. In this article, I share 3 tips for styling your evening dress, so you are the belle of the ball! Continue Reading…

Black Tie Dress Code: What is it?

black tie dress code

Black tie is a sophisticated dress code attached to formal events that occur in the evening.
For men, the dress code is pretty straightforward as it traditionally requires them to don a tuxedo.

A tuxedo ensemble consists of a black dinner jacket, white formal shirt, black trousers, black shoes and a black tie or bow tie

Men that wish to follow the black tie dress code to the letter punctuate their look with a black waistcoat or black cummerband.

Alas, us women, don’t have it so easy. Black tie womenswear can translate into an elegant floor-length evening gown as well as a chic cocktail dress.

To nail this dress code and rank high in the sophisticated stakes, it’s best to wear a long dress with a sleek silhouette in black or jewel-toned colours.

When it comes to fabric, invest in high-quality fabric. Think silky satin, luxurious lace, floaty chiffon…

Now you have a better understanding of what the black tie dress code translates to for women, here are some ways to style your formal evening gown.

Formal Dressing Style – 3 Tips to Upgrade Your Evening Wear Attire

Black Tie Dress Code: Punctuate Your Evening Gown With a Blazer

black tie dress code


black tie dress code

For my formal dressing style, I paired my voluminous evening dress with a black and gold striped velvet blazer (from Zara). A blazer gives your evening dress tailored appeal. It also looks more structured than an oversized scarf worn over the shoulders. It’s that perfect blend of masculinity and femininity when it comes to womenswear.

Wear your sharp blazer during the black tie dinner and then shrug it off when it’s time to burn the dance floor ( ;

Black Tie Dress Code: Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Formal dressing style

formal dressing style

The great thing about accessories is that with the right design and embellishment, you don’t need to break the bank whilst buying elegant looking pieces. For example, my floral embellished bag is from Zara and set me back about 40 Euros.  The size, gold details, black and red colour scheme are what makes it look elegant.

The secret is having an eye to set apart tacky from chic accessories.

Black Tie Dress Code: Hair and Makeup

vintage necklace

When it comes to formal dressing style, hair and makeup play a huge role in ensuring your evening look is a winner!

A chic updo goes a long way. As my hairstyle suggests there are ways of taking a traditional updo and making it your own. I created my look with cornrows and hair extensions. You can do the same using different methods and hair accessories.

For makeup, avoid caking it on and garish colours. I decided to put little to no eye makeup and statement deep red lipstick. I felt I could be more low-key in this department due to my look-at-me hairstyle and accessories.

Formal Dressing Style, Final Thoughts…

black tie dress code

black tie dress code

To recap, when it comes to formal evening style, here are some things to avoid when adhering to a black tie dress code:

  • Bright/loud colours
  • Dresses with hems that graze your … ‘private jewel’
  • Transparent dresses that show eeeeverything
  • Too much bling/tacky embellishment

If you have an event and you don’t feel like splurging on a new dress, then remix your old one. That’s what I did for this post! All it takes is a ll’ creativity and you can breathe new life into a dress you’ve had for years.

2018 is Nearly Over…

black tie dress code

Ladies and Gentle Ladies, 2018 is on its way out and 2019 is about to take its place.

I have mixed feelings about that…

I’ll say that 2018 was my best year in well over a decade and I’m a tad sad to see it go…

On a more uplifting note, I do plan to invest more into my blog and the ‘Gram and I look forward to the creativity  that brings.

Thank you to everyone who reads and engages with my blog via comments – you all help to keep my blog alive.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Floral embellished bag

Photographer: Sabrina Von Heide


Dress: ASOS, Blazer, Bag and Shoes: Zara, Accessories: Gifts.