Blog Comment Of The Week

Last Friday, I published a post titled, Short Afro Heroes, at the end of the article I asked my readers to let me know who their Hair Heroes were, I then received a very touching comment from a reader (Mary Louise) who said that a previous post I had written, had inspired her to cut her hair short and I was her Short Afro Heroine.  I have been writing my blog for two years and a bit now and got some great comments.  But this is the one that makes me the most proud of my work: to know that my writing can make people think and instigate a positive change…well, that’s why I blog.

I have written the comment Marie Louise wrote word for word, and only added a link so you can read the article of mine she is referring to.  Again, thanks Marie Louise, I am deeply honored by your comment!

Marie Louise, Denmark

Actually, you were my inspiration for cutting my hair.
I’ve had long curly hair (I’m mixed race) since I was a young teenager, and I always just wore it in a knot, because it was so warm and big and curly when loose, that I just couldn’t handle it! I was sick and tired of it, but didn’t know what to do. (I’m from Denmark and I don’t really know anyone with hair like mine…) One day I was searching the net and stumbled across your blog post in which you ask if natural hair will make you look ugly. I could really relate to the things you wrote.

I was always pulling back my hair, making it look as straight as possible. And I started thinking, why am I so ashamed of my beautiful curls?? It took me a while, but I finally cut my hair – and I made sure that it was so short that I would not be able to pull it into a ponytail… Never have I had so many compliments for my hair. I have had people asking me what I did to it – had I had it curled (don’t know the correct word in English, in Danish we say “permanentet”)? People who know me very well, were not aware that my hair is so naturally curly. Maybe it’s because I’m mostly surrounded by people with straight hair that I had so many problems with my curls, but today I wear them with pride, and I don’t think I’ll go back to the ponytail. So you’re my short afro heroine.