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Blogover For 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  I hope you all had a great Christmas holidays and are excited about what lies ahead in the New Year.

One of the many reasons I was happy to welcome 2014 was that in celebration of all things New and Fresh, I could start my Blogover.  What’s a Blogover you ask?  Well, the word came to me and borrows slightly from the term, Makeover.  But whilst a Makeover focuses on the transformation of an outward appearance, a Blogover is about change from the inside out, as well as an exterior revamp.

I have written my blog for about two years and a half, and I now want it to go in a new directionThis year, I want people to actually come to my blog for a specific reason, as opposed to clicking on the blog link that was attached to one of my Social Media Promotion Tools.

There are so many articles on the net on how best to improve your blog, increase hits, raise traffic, create a loyal following and the like.  I read a great article recently on Independent Fashion Bloggers written by Ashley Robison, which lists 52 Blog Resolution Tips For 2014.  I have lifted my favourite tips and ones I will be implementing for my Blogover:

‘9. Take the first step… contact a brand you love about getting on their press list, working together, or send them a recent feature.

13. Learn the basics of SEO – what does it mean? How does it work?

18. Email a regular reader and commentor and thank them for their support.

20. Figure out what your blog’s niche is.

22. Commit yourself to a realistic blogging schedule.

23. Write a guest post for another blogger…

24. And seek out guest posts for your own site! (This is especially great if you’re traveling, moving, or have big life changes happening.)

25. Take a course, a Skillshare class, or utilize other opportunities to learn a new skill.

28. Set attainable, incremental goals for your site (ie. receive 5 comments on this post. Reach 100 visitors a day regularly.)

34. Revitalize your site! Add in a new logo or background, change out your blog colors. Consolidate from 2 sidebars to 1, or expand.

36. Start posting a weekly roundup of articles and links you’ve loved online. Share OTHER bloggers’ posts!

46. Make (or update) your business cards!

50. Make and update the pages on your blog: be sure your “About” page reflects who you are today (not last year), that your “Advertising” page reflects current rates, and that your “Contact” page…. well, actually has ways to contact you!’

I’ll definitely be coming back to this list monthly to make sure I’m still on track.  I’m excited about my blog transformation, and know it’s going to be a lot, A LOT of hard work…  Anyhoo, I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going along the way.

If you have any comments or ideas on topics you would like me to write more about or any past articles I wrote, which had themes you would like me to repeat: please let me know.  It really helps to know what you the reader wants!