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Casual Glam Summer Outfit – T Shirt + Skirt

A laidback t-shirt paired with a chic statement skirt is an ideal casual glam summer outfit look. Continue Reading…

Popeye the sailor t-shirt with skirt

One of my go-to casual glam summer outfit looks consists of a cotton t-shirt with an interesting print, paired with a statement skirt and heels. It’s a simple formula but done well, it works every time. Think of it as an alternative to the classic denim jeans worn with a fitted white vest look.

Tips on How to Create a Casual Glam T-Shirt & Skirt Look

It’s all about what textures and embellishment you play with.

Embellished beaded belt

silver metallic pleated midi skirt

  • A metallic skirt (in gold or silver) will give your overall look luxe vibes
  • To carry on the chic theme, compliment your metallic skirt with statement accessories (for e.g. I like to mix both gold and silver jewellery)

silver and gold jewellery

  • Keep your t-shirt fun and playful to bring out a casual appeal to your look
  • Depending on if you want to dress down or to the nines – wear trainers or heels to complete your look

grey t-shirt and silver skirt style

How do you do casual glam?

And do you like to collect t-shirts like me? I love nostalgic t-shirts that remind me of my childhood or a singer/band I fell in love with during my younger years. So I pounced on this Popeye the Sailor tee when I saw it in Zara many moons ago…it always brings a smile to my face when I wear it. That’s the emotive part I love about personal style.

casual glam summer outfit look


Photographer – Vitaly Soroka