Hair and Beauty

Hair and Beauty

Receding Hairline Treatment – How to Grow Back Your Edges

Receding hairline treatment

“How to grow back receding hairline?” I am not surprised that this is a popular term typed into search engines. For a lot of you, damage caused to your hair by straightening hair chemicals, tight braids, back to back weaves et al has led to hair loss, particularly around your edges. I too have suffered from hairline loss and after trial and error, managed to grow it back.

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Hair and Beauty

Beauty Boost – Burgundy Red Lipstick is an Attitude

Burgundy red lipstick

Burgundy red lipstick is a great alternative to classic red lipstick when you want to look more dramatic and mysterious. However, for well over a decade, I’ve adamantly refused to wear the fiery hue because I couldn’t find a shade that matched my skin tone. Turns out that all I needed was a darker and more mysterious shade of red and thanks to MAC, I’ve become addicted to their burgundy red- Sultana, Patent Polish Lip Pencil (23 Euros)– baby, I’m all grown up. Continue Reading…

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Last Call For Summer’s Striking Lips- ARTDECO, ‘Paradise Island’, Ombre Lipstick Collection

best summer lipsticks 2017

Last Call For Summer! Can you believe summer is almost over? I certainly can’t but we must face the music and the inevitable drop in temperature. However, I’m a strong believer of ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’, and what better way to end your summer with a bang than going all out in look-at-me bold summer lipstick shades! This summer, I was very lucky to have ARTDECO gift me with a selection of ombre lipsticks from their fabulous ‘Paradise Island’ limited collection.

Continue reading to see the two lipstick shades I selected which make great day to evening summer lip colours…

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