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Shit Berlin Toxic Bachelors Say…

If you read my last post titled- Shit Berlin Men Say, you will know the dealio with this post.

And so moving on, just what is a Berlin Toxic Bachelor? In my opinion, he is a straight man aged between 35 to 45, he frequents the Mitte late night bars and is sure to be seen coming out of such toilets either with a dishevelled lady on his arm or curiously sniffing and rubbing his nose.  Berlin Toxic Bachelors are often well-educated and have ‘straight 9 to 5’ jobs which often involves international travel.  More likely than not to speak more than three languages, they live in the best parts of Berlin, in fabulously decorated houses.  They are funny (yes Berlin men can be extremely Ha, Ha, Ha…), intelligent, charming and all that jazz.  As you can see from the description I have given, if you live in Berlin I think you’ll agree that such men are like gold dust in a city like this where a lot of men (in my opinion) seem perfectly happy to carry on with a life of Ennui, none the wiser (or richer!!!).

The Berlin Toxic Bachelor hangs on desperately to the frayed strands of his youth by being on the guest list of the ‘cool parties’ which include him being eternally present at events like Fashion Week, Berlinale etc; and he stays ‘down with the kids’ by ‘listening to Hip Hop’.  Ultimately they are men who want to continue going round that Berlin Merry Go Round and Lord help you if you try to get them off it.

These men are toxic, simply because they are Casanovas, Don Juan DeMarco’s, ‘Playas’ and so assholicly on.  The Toxic Berlin Bachelor knows what he is bringing to the table and he is well aware that in Berlin, he is manna.  However he chooses, I repeat, he chooses to stay single.  And as long as you are with him to enjoy the ride (literally) and know that you must jump off the ride post-haste when your round is over, to allow for the next female passenger to get on so he can get her off- you will be just fine.  But if not…

In fact remember the SATC episode where Charlotte announces she wants to start dating Mr Pussy seriously, and Samantha says to her sternly that Mr Pussy was to be enjoyed and then ‘set free’; well the same treatment should be applied to Berlin Toxic Bachelors.

As with my last similarly themed post, not all of this shit has been said to me, some of my friends have been on the receiving end of the below shit-

  • I’m going through my egotistical phase…
  • I only like to use and dominate women…
  • Don’t fall in love with me, I’m an asshole…
  • I can’t give you what you want…
  • I have skills…
  • I just want to party…
  • I love my girlfriend, but I don’t believe in monogamy…
  • I can’t cook but I have a big cock…
  • At 10pm, ‘I have a girlfriend…’

At 2am,’I have an open relationship…’

At 4am, ‘I have a ‘thing’…’

At 10am, ‘I have a girlfriend…’

  • I tried it with guys but it didn’t work…

Have any of you ladies been on the receiving end of any of these shitty comments? Have you had an encounter with a Toxic Bachelor?  What shit did he say to you? I’d love to know!

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My Dream Male Model To Style: Patrick Petitjean

Ok. So. Yesterday evening, I went for an Editor’s meeting for KALTBLUT magazine to talk about our next September issue which is deliciously titled, The Male Issue.  At last, I will finally have the chance to be surrounded by a whole lot of model boys, boys, BOYS- all in the name of model casting.  But I don’t want a boy, I need a man, and they don’t come better than the French god, Patrick Petitjean.

I will never forget seeing his nonchalant, bearded face gazing up at me from the magazine newsstands as he graced the cover of Numero Homme.  Anyone who knows me knows I have my Jesus lookalike erm, erm fetish.

Since Petitjean’s (or really, Tresgrandejean) breakthrough front cover on Numero Homme he has walked for renowned designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Emanual Ungaro, he was chosen as the man to feature alongside supermodel, Linda Evangelista for the 2008 Prada campaign and his editorial client list includes 10 Men, Wound and GQ Style.  He is now signed with Success Models, Paris.

As fashion dictates change, the 29-year-old heavenly creature has gone through many facial changes, ranging from wild mountain beast to shaved city slicker but my favorite looks of his are when he looks as wild as the rivers that run through it.

The model industry is one of the few lucrative markets where Women Rule– phrases like ‘Supermodel’ were coined for them, they are legendary for inspiring designers, we know who they are dating, many of them have gone on to host shows etc.  But I ask you, can you reel of the names of top male models?  I didn’t think so.  And normally I am fine with this  ‘unfair’ balance until it comes to Patrick Petitjean; true his portfolio reads like the Who’s who of the fashion industry, but I feel if he were a woman that by now he would have his own clothing line, be hosting his own fashion show, have released a record and more of the cliche like.

And doesn’t my man deserve all this and more when as his glorious images suggest you can stick him on the beach, in a studio, a digitally manipulated desert- and he still gonna shine, shine, shiiiiine:

Patrick wherever you are I am coming for you, or at very least your booker…

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Friends with Talent Series: Interview with Emerging Male Model, Lukas Ziegele

Hello All, I hope you had a good Easter!  Well, carrying on with my Friends with Talent Series, I wanted to share the fun and enlightening interview I had with my good friend, Lukas Ziegele for KALTBLUT magazine.

If you read my blog regularly, you will know the story of my ‘Dark Angel’ et moi, and now I am so happy to see his model career go from strength to strength.  In fact, in the latest print issue of KALTBLUT, you can see the editorial I shot with him titled, Here Comes The Storm.

As most of you know, I love doing interviews and I had a blast doing this one with him which you can read here:

As I said in my last Friends with Talent Series, one of the things I love about living in Berlin is being able to play as well as work hard with my friends, and  I look forward to doing more of the same with Lukas and more such amigos.

Photo shot by Mika Ceron and styled by me.

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Dalia Günther, My Favourite German, ‘New Model’

Due to the back to back fashion shoots and fashion shows I have been preparing for, I have met so many talented creatives recently and each time I do, I think- I must do a write-up of them on my blog, but then I have to do more work, and I just don’t find the time.  Well, it seems like my body clock has found the solution for me because it woke me up at 4am today; so here I am introducing a great model I met recently, The Divine Dalia Günther, from Model Management, Hamburg.

Courtesy of Model Management

Courtesy of Model Management

I worked with the 5ft 9, Hamburg Beauty on an editorial for Kaltblut magazine and the shoot demanded a model with a lot of natural pizzazz and sensuality and boy did she bring it!  I’d love to give you a sneaky peak of some of the pictures I took of her in her Press clothes, but you will have to wait till the editorial is published.

I can however, show you what she was wearing before the shoot, her ‘off-duty’ look if you will-

We had a nine-hour plus shoot, and she remained a delight to work with from beginning to end.  In between the hustle and bustle of the shoot, I managed to find out that she got into modelling via a friend submitting her images to an agency, pretending she was her!  Now that is one Discovery Story that’s new to me.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

When I asked her how she managed to keep her dainty feet on the ground in the Beast of the Model World, she said her family helped her to see through the fashion haze, which I really admired.
For a new model Dalia’s versatility is something that has to be seen to be believed-
Courtesy of

Courtesy of

And when I asked the eighteen year old, self-confessed, ‘baby food’ lover what her hopes were for her modelling career, without missing a beat she replied, ‘Success and Fun’.  Indeed, what more can one ask for?

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Merry Christmas One and All!

Courtesy of The Simpsons

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas break!  I had so many Christmas Editorial plans for my Blog this month, but juggling 3 jobs at once, got the better of me and I could not realise any one of them.  On the upside, I will have lots of great posts documenting the fruits of my fashion labour for the New Year!

Until then, I wish you all a great Christmas and New Year.  This time last year I wrote an article that has been getting a lot of hits this month titled,

This year, I am very happy to report that I will be with my family; I am actually in the States right now, furiously typing away at 6am because my wee nephew will be awake soon and I’ll have to resume my, ‘Aunt duties’.

So once again, Merry Christmas one and all, whether you are spending it with family, friends, or alone- make it count!

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