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New Year, New Website: Take A Look

Hello All, I do believe this is the longest time I’ve been away from the blogging world.  Why Oh Why?  For starters, I moved continents, I’m no longer in Nigeria and was in London not too long ago, now I’m in Berlin for a short while.

Work-wise: I’m juggling working on projects for London Fashion Week, it was Berlin Fashion Week last week, I’ve been trying to create my new website with my developer- and that my friends, was quite a killer.  It’s all done now and on a side note, in the spirit of moving on: I’m looking for a new website designer and developer- anyone have any leads from personal experience?  On top of all that and more, I’ve been continuing the marketing communications work I do for the school in Nigeria. And then the cherry on top is having a social life, meeting up with old friends I’ve not seen in months as I was in Nigeria, going to old and familiar haunts etc etc.

But back to the Blog Topic Post at hand- I’m really excited and happy to show you my new website.  The old website I had was doing my nut because it in no way reflected how I’ve rebranded myself, in terms of the services I offer.  Honestly, my new website is still not ‘me’, there is so much more I want to do to make the content more interactive, more visual… But I contacted some website developers and what I really want to do would cost me an arm, leg and other numerous body parts.  So I decided to do some minor but essential revamping of my old site, to make a change, to do s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g; so it wouldn’t be a non-productive case of being unhappy and complaining about a situation, and yet doing nothing to change it apart from making excuses…know what I mean?

This year, I’m going to try and smell the roses along the way by celebrating little victories. So take a whiff of this-

I’d love to know what you all think about it!

PS I haven’t been on my favourite blogs this year, and this weekend, I’m going to start and can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to!

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Chic School Boy meets Ms Clash A Lot

I recently had tea with a friend of mine who works in the fashion industry, I particularly like having such tête-à-tête’s, as they often turn out to be both intellectually and visually stimulating.

Hermano did not disappoint, not only did he bring me up to speed with his creative projects, he wore this cute ensemble.  The shorts were an ode to Raf Simmons, and he added a bit of tongue in cheek, school boy charm for good measure.

How cute is he?

I on the other hand decided to clash my prints with wild abandon- so here we see Lipstick print meets Laura Ashley Florals meets Ankara Print, Oh My

And the Pièce de résistance about my jacket (Portobello Market, London), the back art display-

Have a good week people, and Berliners its said to be a sunny one- YAY!!

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My Madonna-inspired Fashion Shoot

What I love about styling is that it allows me to indulge in my personal inspirations and pay tribute to artists who have played a major role in my life.  One such artist goes by the short and iconic name of- Madonna.  I should elaborate on that and stress- the 80’s Madonna.  Although I have keenly watched her many transformations and evolving dance styles- there was a particular care-free, natural charm she had in her fashion and dance style in the 80s which I feel is unbeatable and irreplaceable.

Case in point, compare her ‘True Blue’ 80’s album cover, where all you see is her head flung back in cool rapture with her ‘Hard Candy’ noughties album where she is pimped out in gold rings, boxer belts, fetish boots and various other bells and whistles-

 Not long ago I had a chance to do a Madonna-inspired 80’s shoot, and it was a lot of fun to do.  Here are some of the images from the shoot-
Anyone who saw Madonna in the Eighties ‘screwball comedy’/just so darn awful it was good’, ‘Who’s that Girl’, will know why I love the hair and makeup of this shoot:

The ‘Madonna’ vest is mine and I got if from H & M.  All the crosses the model is wearing are mine as well, which I collected from various London markets.

I adored the mis-match style of this combination, the sky tye-dye leggings are from American Apparel.  The white lace gloves are mine.

How cute is that royal blue, ruffle-tiered, ra-ra skirt?

Those amazing gold leather trousers are from one of my favourite designers, Kristian Aadnevik.

Front cover Madonna pictures courtesy of and


Interview with Make up Artist, Servullo Mendez

I had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented Make up artist, Servullo Mendez on an editorial recently.  Based on the uniqueness of his first name alone I knew he would be sitting on my interview seat, but beyond that even before I spoke to him, he had a special and mysterious aura around him that made you want to get to know him.

Servullo Mendez

This isn’t really very surprising as with his career taking him to live in some of the most exciting cities like NYC, Madrid, Barcelona and Paris, he really has a tale to tell.  Servullo has worked on advertising projects with commercial giants such as H & M and his artistry has graced the covers of high-readership magazines such as Glamour and Draft Magazine.  He is now currently represented by Nude agency.

Courtesy of

Here is how our interview session went-

MFSL- I have to ask, what does your name mean, Servullo?

Servullo- It’s a name entirely related to giving- that is being ‘of service’.

MFSL- You are the hair stylist for the shoot today but what comes first for you as an artist- the hair or the make up?

Servullo- The make up comes first, I can do hair when required, but I don’t consider myself a hair dresser at all.

Courtesy of

MFSL- What sparked your interest in make up to make you want to do it as a career?

Servullo- I am fascinated by transformation and beauty.  Also growing up I was inspired by the aesthetics of certain pop icons and women in general.

MFSL- Who are your pop icons?

Servullo- Well, I’m from the eighties so women like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.  The eighties was a time when make up was very visible in a creative and unique way.  There were no boundaries and men work make up as well, because it wasn’t about sexuality, it was a form of expression.  Today things are different and I would love to come back to the make up ethos of the eighties.  I would re-interpret it to make it contemporary and relevant.

Courtesy of

MFSL- Speaking of pop icons, make up and expression- what do you think of Lady Gaga’s look?  From her various videos, projects et al, it looks like she’s prone to use make up to transform and make a bold statement.

Servullo- Lady Gaga doesn’t inspire me.  I think she is just the result of an amalgamation of a lot of things that have already been done.  Also, I find her ugly and can’t understand why people compare her to women like Madonna and other woman from that generation.

MFSL- How about those who would argue that she is using make up to experiment and transform?

Servullo- That’s just it.  I don’t think she is experimenting with beauty, taking it forward or doing it any favours as an art form.  For e.g. I think Pat McGrath experiments with beauty and I think her work is amazing.  Beauty and make up doesn’t have to be about putting on a lot of make up that gives you a clownish effect.  I would love to see her experiment with her natural hair colour and bring out her interesting Italian and Jewish features.

Courtesy of

MFSL- As a make up artist, do you ever look at sites like to get ideas for your work?  How much do the shows inspire your work?

Servullo-  Well, I can appreciate them but if I am looking at the make up of a show, that means that look has already been done, so it doesn’t inspire me.  I get my inspiration from going to museums, looking at people on the street, travelling to various places.  For e.g., I’ve just come back from Croatia, and I’d never been there before and just being there, seeing new faces and how they wear their clothes, hearing a different language- that’s inspiring. 

MFSL- So you take a more organic approach.

Servullo- Yes, and digital technology has also made it easier for me to go back into time to see videos I loved a while ago, so I’ll go on YouTube to see Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time after Time’ video…

MFSL (gives a loud squeel) I LOVE HER, and that song.  Sorry my voice went so high!

Servullo- So do I, I saw her perform live in Berlin a few weeks ago, her vocals were incredible.  Watching her perform is inspiring for me and makes me remember things like the dress she wore in, ‘Girls just want to have fun., which can make me want to use flashy colour in an upcoming project.  So music is a great reference point for me.

Courtesy of

MFSL- The ‘Girls just want to have fun’ is one of my favourite videos, the part where she is bare feet, holding her red tulle underskirt and kicking her legs as she dances on the streets- her careless abandon is so special and not really seen in today’s carefully choreographed artists.

Servullo- I agree.

Courtesy of

MFSL- What are your beauty tips?

Servullo- Lots of sleep and moisture, moisture, moisture- which can include water and moisturizer.  When you live in a predominantly cold city like Berlin, moisture is especially important to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.  And I really believe the most important thing is to be happy, it makes you age differently and creates softer lines. (Laughs)

MFSL- Finally, who is your favourite model of all time?

Servullo- I like Kate Moss, but my favourite model of all time is Karen Elson.

MFSL (looking dubious) Okaaaaaaay, interesting…

Servullo- I really, really like her- she has beautiful, translucent pale skin that contrasts with her fiery, red hair.  For me she is make up paradise and has a great British look.  She also sings now and I saw one of her performances which was great.

Courtesy of

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OE Magazine 2nd Launch Issue mentioned in top blog- Style Marmalade

Tomorrow is the launch of the 2nd issue of OE magazine, which is a Berlin-based magazine that aims to stand out from the fashion crowd by portraying fashion today solely through images as opposed to words.

I am  incredibly happy and proud to be part of the project and even happier now the launch has been mentioned in one of my favourite blogs- Style Marmalade founded by Victoria Leeds.  Her dynamic and arresting take on fashion has seen her blog be shortlisted for Cosmopolitan’s New Fashion Blog 2011 and her undeniable style has led her to be selected for MTV Style’s, best dressed blogger section.

Read her post on the OE Magazine launch here-

And while you are at it, take a browse on her site- her unique sense of style, amazing DIY tips, paintings and great photography will ensure that you become a follower just like I have!

Thank you Victoria for the post! x

Ps. Everyone, tomorrow I will be showcasing the images I styled for the issue so stay tuned.

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