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It’s Time for Colour Therapy!

These past few weeks have been heavily charged with complex and sombre themes like racial unrest and COVID-19 related issues. To raise my spirits, I’ve turned to colour. Continue Reading…

Zara Jungle Jumpsuit

What is Colour Therapy?

You don’t need to be a psychologist to be aware that colour plays an integral role in how we feel, think, act… It’s the reason why (for most of us) when we wake up and the sun rays filter in through our window blinds, we jump out of bed. And on the opposite side, starting the day with grey thundery and rainy clouds make us want to crawl under our duvet and hibernate.

Colour can dictate our energy, vibe…the team at Natural Health believe that colour therapy is about balancing the colourful energies in the human organism in order to promote harmony between the body, mind, and spirit.

What is colour therapy

The Power of Colour Therapy

During the past few weeks, I’ve found myself naturally drawn to Instagram influencers with colourful Feeds, these influencers have also happened to be mostly black. I’ve found comfort in seeing how black people around the globe interpret colour. Colour fascinates me and that ain’t nuffink new. When I was a London-based stylist, I would always find a way to incorporate vibrant shades in my editorial shoots. And in past blog shoots, I’ve experimented with colour time and again.

Zara’s Tropical Jungle Jumpsuit – A Visual Eye-Gasm

Zara Tropical Jungle Jumpsuit

When I saw this ‘Tropical Jungle’ jumpsuit in Zara, I knew I had to have it. In these ‘COVID-19 social restriction’ times, I couldn’t think of where I’d actually wear it but that was irrelevant to me. The colours and prints were literally screaming out to me from the clothes rack!

To carry on the riot of colour, I styled my jumpsuit with a print scarf I got from Zara a few seasons ago – I love it. In fact, every time I look at the African-inspired print, I light up – that’s the power of colour.

What is colour therapy

Gold belt

This piece is a cacophony of colour and print, and when I look at it I’m transported out of Berlin and into a luxurious beach resort…the sun is setting and I’m heading to an evening party decked in vibrant print and gold…

And since COVID has made air travel experience so stressful that I’d rather shoot myself out of a canon and hope for the best – my dreams of travel will have to do for now.

How to Look Chic in Full-On Colourful Print

  • Clash with caution. When clashing prints, make sure that you pick out one or two colours in your primary outfit that are present in the secondary piece. For example, with my outfit, I carried on the colour theme of my jumpsuit (primary piece) by wearing a turban (secondary piece) with green, black, and yellow hues.
  • Wear complimentary jewellery. There are so many chic accessory directions one can go with a colourful outfit- minimal, maxi, boho, glam…I chose glam and gold. I love how gold lifts tropical tones.

colourful jumpsuit

  • Cinch that waist hunty. I find this creates a flattering silhouette for most body types.
  • Footwear can make or break. But let’s focus on the ‘make’ part shall we? Metallic footwear and vibrant print are a match made in colourful heaven. To play it safe, wear a shoe colour that matches one of the shades in your outfit. I did neither of the two, I chose hot pink shoes because I wanted my feet to colour pop.

What about you guys? What colours send you to your happy place?

Drop what colours hit the spot for you in my comment section below, I’d love to hear from you.

Hot pink shoes

Credits: Jumpsuit, bracelet, earrings, and scarf – Zara, Shoes – Vagabond

Till Soon,


Photographer – Galya Feierman