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Cornrows- My Favourite ‘Go-To’ Hairstyle

Hi everyone, like I told you last week, this was the week where I intended to bung my TWA in cornrows.  I got my hairstyle idea from various sources which included one of my favourite Madonna videos, ‘Human Nature‘-

Based on this video and other sources, I decided that I would do large cornrows, which I would give pizzazz to, by adding faux-gold hair accessories and here is the final result-

The hairstyle took about 2 hours- and could have been done in less time, if my stylist hadn’t kept yapping on her mobile throughout!- and cost me 40 euros.  When I came to Berlin, I was a bit worried about finding a hair salon that could do my cornrows, so I am very happy to have found Afro Lydia’s.

I added the faux-gold accessories myself as I wanted them to be in the exact ‘right place’.

On a separate note, yesterday I was rather alarmed when my clothing rail gave a loud groan and collapsed before my very eyes.  It was then I realised that I really do have a lot of clothes here, most of which I never wear.  So after doing a Winter to Spring ‘clothing rail edit’, I decided to start wearing a lot more of my more Spring pieces.

One of my favourite print dresses is the dress I am wearing in these pictures, which I wore to an art exhibition closing party over the weekend.  I bought it for £8 (BARGAIN!!!) in Absolute Vintage, one of  my favourite vintage shops in London.

I love the colours, print, the way the dress swishes and swashes when I move and the fact it has pockets- designers should make more dresses with pockets!

My beaded hairband is from Accessorize, and I am slowly building up a collection of hairbands.  I have them in various neon colours courtesy of American Apparel, gold, silver- I love them!

This will be my Spring hairstyle for the next few weeks until I get it changed again- yes people, I always say I am the ‘Madonna’ of hairstyles.  I love to experiment and change my look and when I am despairing about my Afro hair, sometimes I have to take a step back and rejoice that I have the kind of hair that allows me to do this.

So this is my Spring look, I’d love to hear what hairstyles you are wearing at the moment.  Are there any particular styles you want to rock?  Would you ever do cornrows?