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Creative Job Advertisements: How To Spot The Bullshit

I’ve worked in the fashion industry in one way or the other for almost ten years now.  Before I decided to take a spin at Fashion’s Wheel, I worked in the Legal sector, therefore it came as quite a surprise when I would go for fashion/creative job interviews, only to learn that the job was either unpaid or offering minor duckets (very little money). And I wasn’t going for internship positions, I’m talking about freelance J.O.B.S.

As time went by I learnt how to decode certain job advertisements and spot the bullshit which is often deceptively encoded.  This was great as I stopped wasting precious time honing the ‘Perfect CV & Covering letter’, preparing for various interview, only to be told by the interviewer (without blinking and a straight face) that the so-called job I had applied for, was one for which I was to get little to no renumeration.

But how did I learn how to spot the bullshit? Can BS ‘job’ advertisements really be translated? Ohhh YesSS they can, and without further ado, here’s how to do so:

If you read a creative job advertisement tailored at professionals (not interns) with the following words:

‘…a fantastic opportunity to work on great projects!’: Translation- It’s Bullshit

‘…a wonderful PLATFORM to showcase your work!!’: Translation: It’s Bullshit

‘…exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’: Translation: It’s Bullshit

‘…work in a very open-minded and relaxed environment!’: Translation: It’s Bullshit

And what advice can you take from this?  If a job advertisement begins to sound more like a trip to Disneyland than an actual job or if you see over-zealous words like , ‘great fun’, ‘super exciting’, ‘ truly wonderful’ and then those words are punctuated by an overuse of exclamation marks: it’s Unpaid/minor duckets, and most definitely Bullshit!

Do any of you know of any other popular words, creative job adverts use to rope you in to work for free?