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Daytime Glow Up Tips – 5 Ways to Add Glam Accents to Your Winter Outfit

I have a simple style motto – glam or die. In this article, I give you tips on how to add razzle dazzle elements to your daily outfits, so you look like the ultimate daytime glamour style queen. Continue Reading…

Daytime Glamour Style during Winter Time

If you thought you could only wear sparkle, shimmer and shine during the festive season or at nighttime, you thought wrong people. The 20’s are here, it’s time to glow up.

I’m a fan of mixing my go-to everyday knitwear- e.g. my black polo neck- with pieces that have sparkle and shine so that my everyday winter outfits have a touch of glam.  As with most stylish and chic looks, it’s all about the details, proportions and colour palette.

Lean in, let me tell you more.

daytime glamour style

Daytime Glamour Style – 5 Ways to Glam Up Your Everyday Winter Outfits

midi silver fringe skirt

1. Metallic Fabrics

The quickest and sure-fire way to glow up your everyday winter outfit is to invest in a key metallic piece.

With my look, I chose to make my high waist silver fringe skirt the focus of my outfit and I built my outfit around this.  When creating your glamorous look, decide on what piece is going to be your sparkly centerpiece.

2. Shoes that Sparkle

Footwear plays an important part when putting your daytime glamour look together.

Whether it’s boots, pumps, sandals or flats – make sure they sparkle and shine. They can be metallic, sequinned, glittery…

For my look, I chose a pair of silver-grey sandals that have sequin embellishment.

3. Chic Metallic Accessories is the Name of the Game

Silver grey braids

When creating your daytime glamour look, you must commit from head to toe.

This means your accessories play an important role in elevating your overall look into chic daytime glam status.

With my look, I paired my outfit with an oversized silver bag and chose statement silver and gold jewellery.

Oh and my silver braids? Just my way of committing to my silver moment from head to toe ( ;

4. Your Colour Palette Matters

There’s a thin line between classy and tacky when putting a metallic daytime look together.

Style mavens who are adept at clashing and mixing can go to town with a metallic aesthetic.

However, for minimalists or those who are not sure on how to incorporate glamorous accents to their outfit –  mix your metallic pieces with a neutral colour. My preference is black. I love black and gold outfits or black and silver outfits. In my opinion, the monochrome nature of black highlights the metallic tones whilst giving it a chic and contemporary edge.

5. Proportion, Proportion, Proportion

When it comes to having an ‘eleganza’ moment, the proportions of your outfit matters. With my oufit, my high-waist metallic skirt is mid-length, my black polo neck is fitted and my fur gilet is oversized. It’s all a balancing game people. Generally, garments that are just above the knee, sit on the knee or below the knee tend to look more glamorous than much shorter outfits.

However, if you have gams for days you want to show off, that can look chic too depending on the colour of the outfit, the texture and how you accessorize the look. For example, a chic pair of black tights and cute patent pumps can go a long way in glowing up a mini dress or skirt.

Black Prada sunglasses

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black faux fur gilet
Outfit – Sunglasses- Prada, Roll neck jumper and silver fringe skirt- Zara, Faux fur gilet – ASOS, Tights – Calzedonia
Photographer- Donya Joshani