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What Are The Benefits Of Fashion Blogger Events? Styleranking’s Fashion Blogger Event

On Tuesday, 16th January, Styleranking had their biannual fashion blogger event, that is held during Berlin Fashion Week. This A/W ’18 season, it was their FashionBloggerCafé WHITE EDITION. As a fashion blogger, one may often wonder what the benefits are of going to blogger-related occasions. I particularly enjoy going for Styleranking’s blogger events because it’s a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers, network with fashion and lifestyle brands and oh yes, their goody bags don’t hurt either. Continue reading…

fashion blogger event

What are the benefits of fashion blogger events?

  1. The opportunity to work with new brands

My makeup brand collaboration with ARTDECO came about because I connected with ARTDECO’s team at Styleranking’s previous blogger event. Personally, I like to build a relationship with a brand in an informal surrounding like a fashion blogger event. It’s also a great way to ask certain questions (e.g. who to send your pitch to), so you have all the required information to make a strong collaboration pitch.

For Styleranking’s latest blogger edition, I was pleased to discover online fashion brand Orsay. Orsay stocks a great array of clothes and accessories. Speaking of arm candy, how cute are their accessories? That cat-bag is such a fashion Instagramer must-have!

Orsay cat bag

2. Get inspired by street style trends at fashion blogger events

In today’s world, there are several platforms that can be used as personal style reference points. However, sometimes nothing beats being inspired by seeing what people are wearing first-hand. Now and again, I have been known to buy bits and bobs- a pair of metallic brogues there, an embellished bag here- based on how certain people have put their ensemble together at events, parties etc.

It’s been a while since I’ve crowd watched and during Styleranking’s fashion blogger event, I let my eyes feast upon what Autumn/Winter pieces influencers were rocking.

If I had to name one recurring trend I saw, it would have to be statement outerwear pieces- both men and woman alike adorned themselves in fabulous look-at-me coats and jackets.

statement menswear jackets

fashion blogger event

Stylranking's Fashion Blogger Cafe

menswear blogger fashion

3. Networking: Sometimes, it’s not what you know but who you know

Are you a fan of fashion blogger events? If you go to them alone (as I often do) it can feel a bit like a hard slog…all that networking…saying who you are and what you do repetitively and seeing if the person’s eyes you are speaking too lights up or glazes over and begins to dart anxiously around the room looking for more erm, useful contacts.

Styleranking event

Styleranking White Edition

I would advise fashion blogger newbies to go to fashion blogger events in their area because it’s a great opportunity to build relationships with fellow bloggers and who knows what opportunities can come from your endeavours. It’s also a good way to speak to like-minded people and get ideas like new podcasts to join or photographers to get in touch with.

One of my highlights from this event was sharing a taxi ride with blogger/model Carolin Lauffenburger, I really enjoyed discussing fashion-related topics with her like- the hard work that goes into maintaining Instagram Followers/Likes et al. What I liked most about Carolin is she seemed very down-to-earth; after being a full-time stylist and working with models for close to a decade- trust me, this is something I don’t take for granted!! I also thought it was super cute that she was married to a photographer who often takes pictures of her. And I’ll repeat what I said to her when I found this out- LUCKY BIIIIIITCH!!!!!

Bloggers, when you don’t have a hubby, boyfriend or friend to take your pictures, you know the struggle is #RealerThanReal!

Check out Carolin’s Instagram here.

What did you wear, Dear?

I was in a low-key kinda mood, so I wore predominantly black clothing and spiced my outfit up with gold accessories and bold red tights.

gold accessories style

fashion blogger event

Till soon, Bisous!