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Friends with Talent Series: Mako Making Stylish Shapes

I love fashion and I love ballet, and for years one of my dream editorials is to do a big budget fashion editorial production where I combine the two.

I did ballet when I was about eight years old for about a year and I stopped just before I got my pointes.  How come?  That’s a long story, but I will say that as much as I love ballet, I much rather watch someone do it than do it myself.  It’s not like contemporary, R & B/Hip-Hop, African, Samba, Lambada, Dancehall (and the list goes on)- where my passion forces me into action, i.e. take dance classes, spend hours on YouTube trying to follow classes etc.

Since I moved to Berlin I’ve befriended two ballerinas, one of which is my mate, Mako who is featured in this post.  When I learnt Mako studied ballet, I asked him if I could take some shots of him pulling some shapes and he obliged.  I have to say that taking these shots made me wish I had a ‘proper’ camera so I could capture some real ‘is he on strings’ movements.

Having said that, I had such a great time taking those pictures and soaking in Mako’s beauty, grace and enthusiasm:

You see the wooden bead necklace on Mako’s vest?  He bought it from India and then pinned it to his top- this is a great way to update or customise your vest during summer.

I love this shot, it really makes me wish I was flexible:

I also adore his black sequins harem trousers, you know how some pieces are just great for movement and dancing? This for me is one of those pieces.

First outfit:
Customised White Vest- H & M, sewed in wooden bead Indian necklace, customised by Mako, Black Sequin Harem Trousers- Flamingo Fashion

After taking the shots, Mako and I had a yummy supper at one of my favorite restaurants, Transit  and then walked it of by strolling around Mitte.  Thanks for a lovely time Mako, when I do that fashion ballet editorial, you know who I’ll be calling!

Second outfit:Black cut offs, sunnies and Mauve sleeveless denim jacket- Vintage, Grey T- H & M.